In Case You Missed It: Sep. 12 – Sep. 18

Now that the weather is turning rainy and colder, it’d be a really good time to catch up on some television, some films, and some gaming. Well, turns out you’re in luck with Boxee in the on-deck circle, the all new Apple TV ready to drop, and possibly even Google TV setting up shop. Plus, iPads are expanding to new retail locations, Game Center is taking off big time, and we haven’t even hit the holiday shopping season yet. So tuck in to some electronic goodness from your friends at Mac|Life.


The Complete Guide to Game Center on iOS – Apple’s gone social networking in a big way with Ping built into iTunes and Game Center a big part of iOS 4.1. But maybe you’re asking, what is Game Center and how do I get going? Maybe there’s a couple editors here that you think are a little too big for their britches. Follow our tutorial and you’ll get in the mix, ready to frag. (Pssst, editors, here comes more fresh meat.)



mSpot Review – Apple bought Lala, but what the heck are they doing with it? Where’s our cloud streaming music? mSPot rides to your rescue with free 2GB accounts that sync to your iTunes library. Unfortunately, you have to be on a computer to listen (or an Android phone, boo-hiss) which sort of defeats half the purpose of streaming music.

Skooba Design Netbook and iPad Messenger Bag Review – We try and we try to find a messenger bag worthy of carrying our iPad or our MacBooks. It’s quite a struggle finding size, form, appropriate numbers of pockets, and everything else to reach bag nirvana. This one’s not quite there, but it does have plenty of pockets.


Typing Special Symbols in OS X and iOS – When we want you to know about In Case You Missed It™, Mac|Life® has you covered. When it comes to typing special characters in OS X and iOS, we’re the Mac|Daddies©.

How To Change Auto-Save Settings – There aren’t tweaks that can do every single thing you want to do on your Mac (unfortunately), because some things just aren’t options. But, you can try checking out this easy Terminal command to find some preferences you can tweak in just about any software, provided you change the name of it in the command. Meanwhile, there’s a few other suggestions inside.


You know you need to know. With three top of the line iOS devices out in the wild, there can be only one fastest draw in the West; let’s see who it is…this is the kind of info that would come in handy if you were going to take one of these games to Game Center and try to get a little shoot out on with the editors…whyn’t you try this particular bit of Fruit Ninja fun for your Game Center martial arts action….speaking of Ninjas, who doesn’t love a good unsubstantiated rumor about Steve Jobs and throwing stars, all based on anonymous sources? Why even Bloomberg got in on the reporting of a story they’d have skipped had it been about Snooki…but in case you fancy the idea of Steve as full on Ninja, this little animation shows what it’d look like….if Ninja isn’t your style, why not frag a Mac|Life editor and then you can talk some smack, like the big brave words of Niklas Savander of Nokia who had some choice words for the iPhone…speaking of competitors, it looks like HTC is striking while the iron is hot with a few new products that will definitely expand Android’s presence in the smartphone racket…and Android seems to be pushing into Apple’s marketshare, so it’s definitely time to look past this AT&T suicide pact. Seriously.

Meanwhile, the world still patiently awaits some kind of iPad killer, just as we’ve waited and waited to see something, anything that would beat the iPhone. While we wait, let’s enjoy the news that Best Buy will soon be added as an iPad retailer…and since the iPad is devouring laptop sales, according to Best Buy themselves, of course they’d want to get in on this action…which means Apple is seriously going to have to add some new names to their manufacturing supply chain, and — hey! — what do you know, just in time…which makes you wonder about this recent Xbox Kinect smack talk from Microsoft that claims they’ll be crushing iPad sales shortly; you know, I’d be concerned, if the Kinect did anything other than games…not that Redmond has forgotten to get to work on iPad apps, but let’s hope it’s more than just Bing…even though Bing is increasing its market share over top of Yahoo…not that Microsoft is the only person talking smack about the iPad as Amazon gets in on the bashing since they’ve been feeling the e-reader heat…in good iPad news, rather than all the naysayers, HP is the first to join the wireless printing party on the tablet end of things…AirPrint is live in iOS 4.2 which is out for developers, so grab it if you are one or know one…and we’ve also seen someone take an iPad and a camera and make beautiful art together; try that one on your Kindle — oh wait, you couldn’t if you wanted to…and while you can read your newspaper on the Kindle and not on the iPad, we’d like to add the word “yet” to that last phrase.

And for some shorties regarding TV action, it turns out there might be some hackability in Apple TV’s iOS…what there won’t be is Warner Brothers programming as the media conglorporation opted out of Steve Jobs’ offer…and if you were thinking maybe you’d wait for Google TV instead, you might just have to wait a little longer…although if you’re a Boxee kind of person, the latest Boxee Box is up for pre-order…and if you’re a fan of live TV, you might just get to watch a little YouTube Live on your new Apple TV..and maybe, just maybe, you can watch a little Mac|Life Live on your Apple TV.


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