In Case You Missed It: Oct. 10 – Oct 16

All Hail the iPad! And why not? After all, Cupertino’s slick little device has been an unparalleled hit, and not just for Apple. Remember DVD players and how quickly those ended up in every home? Yeah, well the iPad is crushing the DVD player in adoption rates. Yeah, you read that right, and you’re gonna keep on reading, because this is In Case You Missed It, kids, and we mean business.


Apple Event Invite Points to Top Secret Security Technology – Sure, there’s a lion peeking out from behind the Apple logo in the Back to the Mac logo, but there’s more to Cupertino’s latest event than just a revamping of the trusty OS X. We’re talking super duper, ultra high tech, top secret laser technology. That’s right. We said it. Lasers.

Killer Strategies For Six of Our Favorite iOS Games – It’s hard work, believe us when we tell you, bringing you this collection of our staff’s accumulated wisdom. Sore hands, bleary eyes, drained batteries, long nights, yes, we’ve suffered to go to the mountaintops and bring back the best strategies for your iOS gaming.


How To Tame Your Facebook Emails – We’re hermits here ’round the ICYMI pastures, so we don’t have the problems that social media mavens have with every single Facebook friend in the world messaging them daily. But we know you’re the life and soul, or at least, your life wouldn’t be crushed out by an avalanche of digital correspondence. Here’s how to crack the whip and make your Facebook mail work for you.

How To Avoid Data-Roaming Charges – Believe us, if you’re planning any kind of vacation outside your home country, and you’re planning on taking your iPhone along, believe us, you’ll want to commit this article to memory or at least engrave it into your skin, unless you like the idea of paying an arm and a leg.



Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Review – We can guarantee this one’s going to end up in our monthly Best of reviews. It’s Adobe; it’s Photoshop Elements, what’s not to love?

Best Case Scenario – Now with more Pumpkin! – Not only are these cases a-rockin, but if you were to act fast you could stand a chance to win some of this action. Three Incipios and one Scosche and you. It’s a match made in heaven, no?


Some of us are pretty satisfied with our black models, but there’s a reason Apple makes a white one too, and for those who’ve been jonesin we can only say, one’s been seen out in the wild…and maybe you’ll get your hands on one of these puppies, around the same time as Verizon, seeing as how their network could support the iPhone on as well…and there’s a bit more to the rumors this time, so if CDMA’s forthcoming wireless standards whispering holds water, you might be holding your Verizon iPhone sooner than you think…what can’t support the iPhone? Looks like the glass face is a wee bit more fragile than in previous versions…you know what else related to the iPhone turns out to be fragile? AT&T’s network, but we’ve got a solution–the 3G Microcell. More money to AT&T? Hmmm.

And we told you it was coming last week…and now it appears that the iPad hit the shelves at Wal-Mart on Friday, just like we said…the same day Adobe closed the holes in their apps that let users read the latest issue of The New Yorker for free, since it is the People of Wal-Mart’s magazine of choice…haha! we kid, we kid. Everyone knows the top-selling readable for for Wal-Mart people is the New York Times, which finally graces the iPad in a full deluxe edition….and why not turn up in Wal-Mart, since in terms of adoption rates, the iPad is kicking major butt, even beating out the previous contender, the DVD player…heck, it’s even turning up in Verizon stores, just not in the 3G models…because when you can play flix, and read books on the same device, why not? And with these slick new updates to Amazon’s apps, our book reading on the iPad just got a whole lot sweeter…though we sure would like to see iBooks start kicking it up a notch…which only leaves one question–how long can Apple keep the Android tablet wolves at bay?


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