In Case You Missed It: Nov. 14 – Nov. 20

Hey there, kiddies of all ages, how you like us now? It’s the all new Mac|Life, but even though we’ve gone all pretty on you, we’ve kept the the same great content. You didn’t think we’d scrapped the weekend round-up, didja? Absolutely not, and now it’s settling in at home in our beautiful new digs and looking to kick back and give you the latest and the greatest.


Group Test: Sub 0 Monitors – You’ve got yourself a hankering for that box of cute awesome, the Mac Mini, but what about a monitor for it? The moment you look up monitors online, it’s like looking at stars. There’s constellations and galaxies of choices. Well, we’ve taken the sting out of looking at monitors under the 0 mark, so if you want gorgeous displays at gorgeous prices, look no further.

John Carmack Discusses iOS Game Development – With Rage hitting your iOS devices this week, we decided to sit down with Mr. John Carmack, lead designer on it and tons of great games like Doom and Quake and Commander Keen. He gave us a peek behind the curtain at what goes on when games are being planned out.


How To Install Android on your iOS Devices – You didn’t sell back your older generation iPhone when you upgraded to iPhone 4? Use it for tinkering? Well, have we got the tutorial for you. Android on your iOS device. Why? Because you can, amigo, because you can.


How To Record “Real” Guitar With a Rock Band 3 Controller in GarageBand – We all know, you’re a Rock Band superstar. You shred the plastic gee-tar something fierce, but did you know it was more than just a toy? Heck yeah. Get your face melting solo action on with this wee tutorial in how to marry GarageBand and Rock Band 3 in into heavy metal madness.


Day of Defeat: Source Review – With Valve’s Steam store for Mac porting over the entirety of their catalog, we’re seeing stuff we’ve longed for for five years. With the World War II shooter, Day of Defeat: Source on our Mac, we’re helping the Allies and kicking Nazi butt. Or, if it spins your wheels, you can be the Germans. Achtung!

OnLive MicroConsole Review – Now we’re cooking. OnLive’s streaming “water faucet for games” has a fantastic new gadget out, the MicroConsole that puts those same games right on your HDTV. With an easy set up, wireless remote, and virtually zero lagtime, this is one gift we’ll be holding our breath for this holiday season.


Well, the big news of the week was clearly The Beatles hitting the iTunes store…we were teased with a day “that you’ll never forget” which got us excited that iTunes was going to bring slick new features which didn’t arrive….and we did our own parody of the announcement to build up excitement for the lovely new site you happen to be on this very second…(here’s a how-to guide to see all the newness)…but to be honest, we don’t even recall which day of the week that happened on…so it makes sense that Guitar World would also release their Lick of the Day app so you can get your George Harrison on.

In other appy news, Pulse News Reader, the slick RSS interface, went from pay to free with an injection of venture capital; no word on getting my 99 cents back….photo sharing app Path went live as well, allowing you to share pix with just the people you want and not to hand over your pix to Faceborg…if sharing and controlling TV content is more your bag, Comcast’s Xfinity remote not only allows you to control your box, but to invite friends to watch Dancing with the Stars with you; oh rapture…much more our speed, the latest update to the official Twitter app brings push notifications to your daily notifications, as well as quashing a few bugs…and at long last, the wait is over, the official Google Voice app dropped this week, and not only is it news, it’s also our latest walk through/tutorial to help you make the most of this great little service…it’s claimed that Google Docs now has document creation and editing on the mobile fly, but we’ll believe it when it finally arrives on our iPad and not a moment sooner…speaking of documents, Scanner Pro 3.0, the app that turns your iPhone into a mobile scanner, just added a much improved UI as well as batch scanning…and Music Now comes to the iPad and it looks almost as good as it sounds…lastly, App Stores aren’t just for iOS devices anymore and Apple assures us the desktop version is set to “Open Soon.”


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