iFixit Tears Apart the 6th Generation iPod nano

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If you like seeing Apple products get dissected, then you’ll love the 6th generation iPod nano teardown from iFixit. In typical iFixit style, they break out all of the tools in order to crack open the latest Apple device. Not surprisingly, iFixit notes that the insides of the iPod nano is very similar to the insides of the iPod shuffle, which share an almost identical form factor.

Of course, with a smaller form factor comes repair difficulties. iFixit gave the 6th generation iPod nano a repairability rating of 5 out of 10, with 10 being easiest to repair. This rating was given because the battery connectors are soldered onto the logic board and a heatgun was needed to remove the display.

You can see the full teardown and read notes from iFixit on their website.

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