iAds–They're Big in Japan, Alright

iAds have had their ups and downs in the US, leaving many developers skeptical, but many are still hopeful after Apple started rolling out the in-app advertisements worldwide. Apple recently announced that iAds will be rolling out to Japan. With the help of The Dentsu Group, developers will be able to target iAd-based applications to the Japanese app market.

According to the Apple press release, “Dentsu will be responsible for the selling and creative execution of iAds in Japan, and Apple will host, target and deliver the iAds to its iPhone and iPod touch users. iAd was launched in the US in July and has emerged as a powerful new way for leading brands to reach the tens of millions of iPhone and iPod touch users, while providing a significant new revenue stream for developers.”

This partnership will allow Apple to sell iAds in the Japanese market, and will allow developers to target their applications to this market as well. Dentsu will also be helping in services surrounding iAds, including creative production and media planning for companies looking to advertise via Apple’s iAds.

“After an incredibly successful launch in the US where we’ve already doubled the number of brands on the network, we’re excited to bring iAd to Japan,” said Andy Miller, Apple’s vice president of iAd. “Dentsu is one of the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies, making them an ideal partner for iAds in Japan.”


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