Hulu Pondering Hulu Plus Price Drop

Oh, Hulu. Our love for you is a fickle thing. When you were a free web-based streaming service that offered up a deep and enjoyable catalog of TV and movie content,  our hearts went pitter-pat at the very mention of your name. Later, when you scaled back the variety of content you offered, the relationship cooled. Then you told us that if we wanted to get access to your “premium content,” we’d have to pay for it. That was dirty. We were so hurt that we ran to the arms of our reliable old flame Netflix, who for one low, reasonable price, has never denied us anything. What’s that you say? You miss us so much that you’re thinking about loweing your price to a meager .95 a month?

Darling, welcome back.

According to a number of sources, Hulu is considering the possibility of dropping the cost of their Hulu Plus service to the very reasonable price of .95 per month–almost half of the service’s current price. Why the cost cutting, you ask? Well, currently, both Netflix and Hulu Plus offer their services for a little under . However, Hulu’s offerings pale in comparison to the rich catalog of TV shows and movies available to Netflix users. Will a lower price point persuade users to return to latch on to the service in the manner that Hulu is no doubt hoping for? It’s hard to say. With Netflix’s deep market penetration, availability on a large number of devices, and the added bonus of to-your-door DVD delivery Hulu could still be fighting an uphill battle, despite their more friendly price point.


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