Holy Bat iPhone Pouch, Batman!

If you’re an Apple purist that laments the fact that wearing a pair of the company’s iconic white earbuds in public could grab a mugger’s attention and lead to a nasty thrashing, we’ve got great news for you: Universal Designs is offering replicas of Batman’s belt from The Dark Knight that come complete with a holster for your iPhone or iPod. It’s a sure bet that wearing this baby out in public will guarantee you’ll never have to worry about being rolled for your precious Apple products again. After all why would any self-respecting criminal want to beat someone to within an inch of their lives for a portable media device when they could be beating them for wearing superhero memorabilia. I mean, come on–even criminals have priorities.

The TDK Batman: Utility Pouch is all Batman and a bag of potato chips. Made of heavy-duty cow hide leather and accented by chrome studs, this faux-bat belt is resplendent with gold and bronze colored accents. However, the product’s genius can truly be found in the fact that it comes complete with “pouches suitable for cell phone, wallet, ID, keys [and] loose change.” You see, by putting all of the things that the modern on-the-go street hooligan desires in one easy to see and access location, you’re not only saving him the time and energy it’d normally take to work you over and frisk you, you’re also cutting down on how damaged and violated you’ll feel after your unlawful encounter. It’s a win-win situation.

The TDK Utility Pouch is available in a number of sizes, and can accommodate Dark Knights measuring up to 52 inches at the waist. It can be purchased here. 



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