Happy 25th Birthday Super Mario!

image via Official Nintendo Magazine

While it might not be Apple-related news, the pew-pew minded folks over at our sister site Gamesradar have pointed out something simply too awesome to ignore: Super Mario is 25 years old, and to celebrate Nintendo is gearing up to celebrate!

How hardy will the Japanese game company party? According to Gamesradar, hard enough to bust out a 25th Anniversary Edition pack of Super Mario games spanning the full quarter-century of the franchise’s existence. We’re sure you’ll agree, that’s pretty sweet. Sadly, however, we may never see it on North American shores, as the product release, first detailed by the Official Nintendo Magazine is purportedly only being offered to Japanese Wii console owners.

C’mon Nintendo! North America may be the stomping grounds of you newest enemy, but surely we, your devoted game-playing public deserve a little love: throw us a bone and make this awesome gaming keepsake available over here too!


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