Google to Offer Open Source "Wave in a Box"

The Wave is not over–er, the Google Wave that is. Sure, Google announced a while ago that development on Google Wave is no longer, but that was just for the standalone product. Actually, Google is thinking it will expand up to 200,000 lines of code they’ve already open sourced on the Wave and offer it up in “Wave in a Box.” Yep.

So, developers, what does this all entail? The box will have an application bundle with a server and a web client that supports real-time collaboration (like that in Google Wave), a full-featured wave panel with support for threaded conversations, client-server protocols, support for importing wave data from, and gadget, robot and data API support. Oh, there’s more than that, too.

The project will not be the Google Wave that users have all come to, well, ignore. Instead, it will give developers a way to run wave servers and host “waves” on their own hardware. And here we can’t help but imagine a bunch of developers riding a surfboard across a sea of binary and Ajax code.

Anyway, if this is your sort of thing, check out more in the Wave Protocol Forum. As Google says in their blog, “Wave on.”

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