Free App Friday: Clip It, Clip it Good

There are some applications that you might not need, but the fact remains that they’re free and they can make your life simpler. Well, what we really find that we’re lacking in these days is virtual sticky notes. It’s hard to get things clipped sometimes without having to install a browser extension or open up another application and paste what we’ve copied, but we’ve found some utilitarian clipping apps that are free and help us live our day to day lives by the post it note–just as we wanted it.



Copying and pasting notes on the Mac is a total drag. You either have to open up TextEdit, or download a client like Evernote and then install a bookmarklet or a Firefox extension to have your clippings saved. And while those applications work well for things like images and recipes, they don’t take into consideration how tedious it is to fire them up for something as menial as a simple URL.

Enter Jumpcut, an application that provides “clipboard buffering” and gives you access to text that you’ve cut or copied, even if you end up copying something else. The open source app is then available in the menu bar of your desktop, or it can be set up as a pop up dialog window. Either way, enabling this little kink in your system’s software will definitely give Ctrl + C a whole new meaning. Never forget what you copy ever again!


Notepad for iPad

I am obsessed with sticky notes. I use one every day for my to-do list, and then I write myself little notes later on in the day with bits and pieces of information that I’ll adhere to the inside of my Moleskine calendar or work notebook before I take off for the day. Though it seems redundant, I like to have that functionality on my iPad, too. There’s no harm in having another note taking app on your iOS device if it means you get to have stickies! The mere act of typing my day’s duties on a “sticky” note totally helped me get into the groove, and the fact that I could email my sticky notes and add location updates to them was fabulous. Hey, you can’t do that with real sticky notes, now can you?


iPad and iPhone


Alright, so they’re not exactly apps that you can download, but they are free and they work well at clipping websites you’re browsing on your iPad or iPhone that you might want to share with your friends on your social networks, or add into Instapaper. Here’s a couple that do just that.

How to install them: It requires a little patience and the right maneuvering of your fingers on the touch screen. But basically, navigate to this page in your mobile Safari and copy the Javascript code. Then, you have to create a bookmark and edit it, and afterward add in the Javascript code into the bookmark you’re editing. Got it?

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