Fourth-Gen iPod touch Vibrates, Apple Product Shots Have Errors

iPod touch 4G vibrate motor
(Images courtesy of AppleInsider)

Lost amidst the flurry of new product announcements last Wednesday is another new feature for the fourth-generation iPod touch: Vibration, similar to what is offered in the iPhone. Meanwhile, Apple’s own product pages contain icons that shouldn’t be on the new media player.

AppleInsider has rounded up a couple of details on the new fourth-generation iPod touch. The first is a subtle new product feature that wasn’t mentioned during last Wednesday’s rapid-fire media event — the new iPod touch includes a motor enabling vibration on the device, similar to what’s found in the iPhone.

The vibrate motor was discovered by Multi-Touch Fans while combing through an FCC teardown of the fourth-generation iPod touch last week following the announcement. The website claims that the vibrate motor, which is similar to ones found in phones manufactured by Samsung, “isn’t the most aggressive, although definitely isn’t terrible.”

Indeed, the new iPod touch page on Apple’s website does mention its new vibration feature — but claims that it’s only used as an alert for FaceTime calls. “If somebody wants to start a video call with you, you’ll receive an invitation — along with a vibrating alert — on your iPod touch asking you to join,” the page notes.

iPod touch 4G Phone iconMeanwhile, it appears that Apple’s graphic designers have goofed up some of the new iPod touch screenshots that appear on the company’s website. Engadget notes that two photos on product pages clearly show the Phone application present in a product shot of the iPod touch (featured here), and another which shows the Messages app in Spotlight search.

Given that the new iPod touch now has FaceTime calling features, perhaps the Phone icon isn’t a mistake after all — we’ll all know soon enough, as the new device is supposed to start making the rounds this week.

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