Dropbox Updates Apps and Adds Blackberry

Of the various cloud storage services out there, we’re most partial to Dropbox. The interface is simple, the uploads fairly quick, and the app works beautifully. Plus, with their open API, Dropbox can sync with tons of our other apps and software making it our number one floating hard drive. Today, it seems, is update day.

Dropbox had a slew of announcements to release today. The biggest news is that Dropbox is now going to be on the Blackberry platform. While we often worry about RIM’s future, expanding availability to a service we’ve come to love is always good news. It’s actually rather surprising that Dropbox wasn’t on Blackberry’s OS some time ago, as popular as the handset has been and remains in enterprise environments. Access to great apps like Dropbox might just help Blackberry stay relevant in the mobile world.

Dropbox also announced updates to their Android app including “support for photo galleries and multi-photo upload, ability to automatically send files to Dropbox from other apps… and other new features and fixes.” So Dropbox integration, something Apple fans have seen for a while on their iPhones, is now making its way to the Android market.

Dearest to iOS Device users, Dropbox also announced updates to the iPad and iPhone versions of the popular app. Most interesting among these are “automatic offline caching for recently accessed files,” which sounds to us suspiciously like cloud flexibility. This is great news for iPad users who sometimes may need to work on a Dropbox file where there’s no WiFi. Changes most likely will stay in the app until connectivity is returned, then resync the updated version. Dropbox also announced the iOS apps wil now support “HD video and high-resolution photo capture…full screen landscape document viewing on iPad and the support for multitasking to allow files to upload or download in the background.”

The list of software and services making use of Dropbox’s API has grown since they opened it up in May of this year. The numbers are over 100, and Dropbox has compiled them in a nice list here. Check ’em out. You may just discover a service you didn’t even know you needed.

(As of this writing, the updates weren’t yet live in the App Store, so keep checking back.)


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