Donkey Kong World Record Changes Hands For Third Time


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Yes, it was indeed “on, like Donkey Kong.”  Twin Galaxies announced that the World Record for the video game classic switched hands for a third time this year, with former champion Steve Wiebe reclaiming honors with 1,064,500 points.  Can ‘ya top that?

The record last went to Wiebe back in the spring of 2007, but he was later topped by Billy Mitchell months later.  Mitchell’s score would then fall to New York’s Hank Chien this past March.  Wiebe had tried to pluck back the record at various live events throughout the years, but he would then record his score on August 30, and then submitted it to Twin Galaxies.  Twin Galaxies would then verify Wiebe’s score today as being the new World Record.

Who is Twin Galaxies International?

They were founded in Ottumwa by Walter Day in 1981, and are considered the world’s official authority on player rankings, gaming statistics and championship tournaments and operate out of the their international corporate offices located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

TGI is home to over 120,000 verified scores from over 52,000 members around the world, and are recognized by Guiness World Records, G4tv, as well as various other media outlets as the only official organization for video game record keeping.

For more info about the organization, head here.

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