Do Away With Web Ads–Arcade Style!

The internet can be a frustrating place for the consuming public: it’s so full of web ads, popups, poor site design and tasteless humor, that sometimes it’s tempting to just turn the computer off in favor of going outside to experience real life. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Github user Erik Rothoff,  the world needn’t resort to such draconian tactics such as exposing oneself to sunlight or reading a book. Thanks to his genius-level coding performance, that which vexes you during your forays into the digital world can be shot at, fragged and done away with.

Rothoff’s contribution to the world’s stockpile of awesome is a JavaScript applet that unleashes an angry flying wedge spaceship, à la Asteroids, on offensive web content.

What’s offensive?

Anything–everything! Just aim your weaponized triangle at what ever you want fragged, tap your spacebar (shouting pew-pew-pew in time with your keystrokes, of course) and watch as that which rubbed you the wrong way is in turn rubbed out in a shower of vector graphic sparks and debris.

What could be better? We’ll tell you what: Nothing.

Rothoff’s special brand of web-content carnage is compatible with every site we tried it on and demands to be used by everyone in the universe with computer access. So, what are you waiting for? Run on over to Github and get some!

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