Could iTunes App Downloads Soon Eclipse Songs?

iTunes download chart
(Image courtesy of TechCrunch)

New research from an app developer and industry analysis advisory firm seems to indicate that we’ll soon be downloading more apps from iTunes than we do music. Can this be possible?

TechCrunch is reporting
on the findings of Helsinki-based analysis firm Asymco, who claims that the iTunes download rate for iOS apps is “accelerating much faster” than the data for song downloads.

Asymco notes that it took roughly 2.2 years for the App Store to sell 6.3 billion apps, while it took the iTunes Music Store closer to five years to reach the same plateau. Should the current trend continue, Asymco believes that App Store purchases may overtake song downloads before the ball in Times Square closes up shop on 2010.

Such data probably shouldn’t come as a huge shock — after all, many people have finite tastes in music, and when they’ve bought everything they like, they’re perfectly content to listen to it over and over again. Meanwhile, the App Store continues to offer fresh new fodder to entice iOS device owners to keep downloading.

Asymco claims that iOS users are downloading 17.6 million apps per day on average, compared to roughly 7.5 million songs. Most ironically, Asymco is founded and led by a former Nokia manager — who would most likely not be thrilled to hear what their longtime employee has to say on this subject.

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