China Unicom Now Offering In-Store Jailbreaking

It’s no secret that Apple has been on the offensive about jailbreaking. Even after the act of jailbreaking a phone was declared legal, Apple still notes that jailbreaking your iPhone will void the warranty. This, however, isn’t stopping China Unicom. The iPhone retailer is now offering one-stop jailbreaking–in the store!

The retail locations also helping users install apps after the process has finished, and they can also trim down your SIM card so that it will fit in the iPhone 4’s micro-SIM tray. Because the iPhone 4 is not yet available in China, this service might be geared toward travelers looking for a phone and data plan that works within the country.

The ads for the service can be seen on Chinese site WeiPhone (English translation). 

Apple has yet to release a statement about China Unicom.

via TUAW

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