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Cooking on gas: First Jamie Oliver, now Nigella iPhone App

You have probably seen the Jamie Oliver recipes app charting in the App Store over the last few months.  Following it’s success, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has placed some of her favourite meal recipes on the iPhone and iPod touch.

The application developed for Nigella has quickly hit the #2 position in the lifestyle category of the Apple App Store, pushing the naked chef (Jamie) down to #3.

The application is on sale for £4.99 and has the facility to create recipes based on what you have available in the fridge (very green indeed!)

Leaked photos of the new iPhone 4G

This article is marked as obsolete, see real leaked photos here.

As always, there are many different “mockups” of future Apple products; but the image featured here is supposedly a “leaked” photograph of Apples latest and greatest version of the iPhone (4G: 4th Generation).

Apple have refused to confirm if the image in question is a prototype of the new iPhone 4G, but judging from the brushed metal design of the iPad, it may well be similar in appearance.

The speculation behind the new iPhone will soon be put to rest, since Apple will be revealing it’s creation in June 2010. The release of the iPhone 4.0 SDK last week suggests the new iPhone will feature an 8 megapixel camera, a flash and also a front facing camera for video conferencing.

Adobe fears business loss due to iPhone/iPad

It’s a well known fact that Apple and Adobe do not get on with each other, probably due to the fact that the introduction of Flash support for the iPhone/iPod/iPad will severely effect sales of games within the App Store (we all know plenty of websites which offer free flash games).

A recent report filed by Adobe mentions that the restrictions placed on the company states that it’s making it increasingly difficult for Adobe to survive, since customers are persuaded to use alternative technologies (HTML5?).

Mac Rumours mention that the filing comes just one day After the release of the iPhone OS 4.0 developer preview, which has a modified licensing agreement that prohibits the use of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 features (which allows Flash developers to export flash content to native iPhone format.

iPhone OS 4.0 suggests front-facing camera

The recent release of the iPhone 4.0 SDK has inadvertently revealed evidence to suggest that Apple are planning to place a camera on the front of the iPhone for video conferencing using software similar to the desktop version of iChat.

The SDK feature in question was identified by, who noticed that a background service “iChatAgent” runs on the developer release of the iPhone OS 4.0.  The screenshot below shows the service in question using the profiling tools bundled within XCode.

Video Conferencing coming to the iPhone?

Apple cracks down on "adult" themed apps

iPhone bans adult applicationsWe all know of Apples strict guidelines regarding the nature of applications submitted to the App Store.

However, things are about to get tougher for the more “adult” themed applications.  Outraged by such applications, Steve Jobs (SEO of Apple, Inc) announced yesterday that Apple would not allow pornographic material of any kind within the App Store.

Steve Jobs also mentioned that the Android platform has a “porn store” and stated that there are no restrictions in place to prevent children from accessing such material.

iPhone OS 4.0 to incorporate Mobile Advertise platform?

Apple acquire Quattro WirelessFollowing the $750 million acquisition of the iPhone Advertising platform “AdMob” by the search giant, Google.  Apple have recently acquired one of AdMobs major competitors, Quatro Wireless, for $275 million.

Quatro Wireless create tools for advertisements to be embedded into applications running on the iPhone/iPad operating system (currently version 3.0).  The advertisers pay for ad placement within the iPhone applications, whilst giving publishers the opportunity to earn revenue for integrating the Quatro Wireless system.  The placement of advertisements is a common technique within the free (“Lite”) applications within the App Store, giving application developers the chance to earn some revenue, to compensate for the free download.

There is speculation across the iPhone/iPad developer community that the next major update to the iPhone OS (version 4.0) will integrate the mobile advertisement facility within the SKD (Software Development Kit).

Version 4.0 of the iPhone OS is due to be unveiled today in San Francisco and will outline some of the new features to be expected in the next update.  Could this mean the iPhone will finally have the much needed multi-tasking support?  We will have to wait until the update event this evening!

LogMeIn joins the Apple iPad App Store

LogMeIn IgnitionThe company LogMeIn have today launched their iPad version of the popular service LogMeIn, enabling iPad users to control a Windows PC or Mac computer, regardless of their location.

The application (LogMeIn Ignition) is available in the App Store for iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. However, due to the enhanced screen size and the better hardware support for the iPad, the company states that the iPad will run the app best.

LogMeIn Ignition can be used in conjunction with a LogMeInFree account or LogMeInPro2. The app costs $29.99 in the US App Store (roughly £19.60).