Gets Huge Upgrade

If you’re like us, you make pretty good use of your Dropbox account and try to entice friends and acquaintances to sign up on your referral. Each referral tacks 250MB more on to your 2GB free account. Well, just made all of those schemes and plans irrelevant.

It’s an epic box-related throwdown as the rival cloud storage services aim to snag your business. While both offer a free cloud-based place to store your stuff, has lagged behind Dropbox in some ways. Most notably was its size.’s free 1GB of storage was decent but could quickly fill up and any growth you had to pay for. Dropbox gave you double that amount and let you expand for free.

box crushes


Well is no longer in the sizable shadow of Dropbox. Announced yesterday on their blog, has boosted all of its offerings. Free personal storage jumped a huge 4GB from its initial offering to give users a full 5GB of online server space. For free. For doing nothing but signing up or having an already existing account. While Dropbox tops out their free accounts at 8GB, you have to work to get there, signing up at least 24 friends and acquaintances on your say so.

Business too has seen a jump as their accounts were upgraded from picking up 15GB per paying user to getting 500 gigs right out of the gate for a three person account. While Dropbox gives everyone the ease of a drag and drop sync folder, has left that for business accounts only, and to be honest it’s not that important a feature.

Now if can only expand its range of integration into apps and other software, this fight could get a lot more interesting.


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