Bing Jumps Ahead Of Yahoo In Search Engine Land


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Granted Yahoo and Bing might have joined forces, but given both sites still exist, we still have to rank their market share right?  Don’t expect Google to leave it’s perch anytime soon, but some new Nielsen rankings actually place Bing ahead of Yahoo now.

“Nielsen’s search data only counts genuine intentional searches that people type into a search box,” Nielsen notes.  “It does not include non-intended or ‘contextual’ searches that are automatically generated by search engines based on a person’s browsing behavior.”

Using this information, Nielsen says that Bing had controlled 13.9 percent of the search market in August, which was up just a hair from July.  As for Yahoo, they dropped backward 1.5 percentage points from 14.6 percent in July to 13.1 percent in August.

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