Best Buy: iPad Cannibalizing Up to 50% of Laptop Sales

It’s been a while since anyone has mentioned iPad sales. It’s been confirmed that they’re moving out the door as fast as Apple can move them, and there’s also verification that Apple’s will be increasing production on the tablet in the days to come. But it’s taken some time for the full brunt of the iPad’s tremendous success to be understood by the computer and retail industries. It would seem that the time for some schooling has come. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn has stated that the iPad is cannibalizing upwards of 50% of all laptop sales from his company’s chain of stores.

This is shocking news, especially when you consider that Apple never positioned the svelte device as a  laptop alternative. Even more surprising is the fact that Dunn made this revelation just after the end of the busy back to school shopping season, a time when traditional laptops and desktop computers have traditionally flown off the shelf for busy students to write s, crunch numbers and most certainly NOT play games on when they should be studying for their mid-terms or finals. As a result of the iPad’s rising financials, Best Buy has decided to increase their iPad coverage by rolling the device out to 1000 of their American locations by the end of the month and providing the device with more display space on store floors. Given the numbers Best Buy has been seeing, it’s a move that makes good sense.

We can expect that with the holiday shopping season and the iOS 4.2 update both on their way, we’ve yet to see the full fury of what the iPad is capable of in the retail arena.


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