Apple May Launch Newspaper Subscriptions for iPad

Just when many thought print media was going the way of the dodo, Apple released the iPad and content is exploding from every direction in the universe. From magazines, to newspapers, to television networks, the iPad seems to be the go-to device for delivering content these days. Now, Apple may have a few more tricks up its sleeves when it comes to newspaper subscriptions and the iPad.

According to a new article by the San Jose Mercury News, industry sources believe that “Apple is expected to announce soon a new subscription plan for newspapers, which hope tablets like the iPad will eventually provide a new source of profits as media companies struggle with declining print circulation and advertising revenue.”

Sources told the newspaper that Apple may be prepared to take a 30% cut of subscription profits (similar to the cuts taken in the iOS developer program).

“Publishers wanted to pay Apple a fee rather than a cut of subscription and advertising revenue, and are not happy with Apple’s terms, he said. They had hoped to offer app editions as part of subscription bundles that include print versions of the paper. Instead, they must use Apple as an intermediary with subscribers,” read the article.

According to the article, Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Newspaper content in subscription form can be purchased through Amazon on the Kindle already, so it will be interesting to see if and how Apple’s newspaper implementation works.

via MacRumors

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