Apple Applies for Clip On Camera Lens Patent

A scant few days after Apple dropped a bevy of new products in the laps of eager consumers, it seems that they wizards of Cupertino are at it again. This time around, if the details of a recent patent application uncovered by Patently Apple are any indication, we could be in for some snazzy attachment lenses to use with our iPhone and iPod touch cameras.

While the diagram shows that the lens is being held on by a clip, Patently Apple explains that the main focus of the Patent Application details the use of a series of magnets to hold the peripheral in place. With the quality of cameras being seen in Apple’s hardware releases improving with each new generation, it’ll be nice to see how the options of rocking a high-quality zoom or macro lens will affect the photos that we’ll take with an iPhone a few years down the road. More so, with Apple taking a greater interest in designing and selling their own peripherals at every turn, it’ll be fun to watch third-party peripheral developers up their game to compete.


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