Apple Aims to Make 3 Million iPads Per Month

Anyone in the tech world will tell you that the iPad is selling like hotcakes, which through an interesting bit of happenstance, has helped hotcake scientists to determine exactly how quickly the much-loved breakfast food end up in the bellies of consumers. OK, not really, but it’s safe to say that with Apple building two million iPads per month and no sign of the device’s sales diminishing, the iPad is pretty darned popular–so much so, that despite the massive numbers of the tablet being produced, up until recently there was still up to a five business day wait time between when an iPad is purchased from Apple’s online store to when consumers could expect it to ship. Apple did away with that issue by increasing the number of tablets it produced per month to two million. According to All Things D, Apple could be on the cusp of upping the number of tablets it demands from it suppliers per month once again.

The site also reports that Financial Analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley has stated that “Apple recently indicated to its suppliers a desire to move to 3 million per month in C4Q10.” Will that expedite shipping? Perhaps, but it’s pretty hard to improve upon a 24-hour ship time. More likely than not, Apple is expecting that the demand for their tablet, which is already great will be go entirely off the hook once the world’s thoughts turn towards hardcore gifting in the next few months. No doubt, news like that should be a welcome relief to folks with an Apple fanatic on their shopping list.



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