Android-based TVs Try to Knock Apple Out of the Top Spot

It looks like some companies may be looking to horn in on Apple’s “hobby.”

According to a report filed by The Street, Samsung may soon be cramming their televisions chock full of Android. According to the report, Samsung is set to include the OS in their television sets to provide a web and application enabled television experience much like that being offered by other companies such as Sony and LG.

What does Apple TV have to do with all of this? Well, it seems that Google has been cooking up a TV solution of their own recently, one that relies upon a new style of cable box for the delivery of content and integration into home entertainment systems. Traditionally, companies attempting to force their way into the cable box game have come up short, mostly due to cable companies not being thrilled with the notion of marginalization for the sake of technological advancement. After all, would you want to endorse a product that offers the same content that you’re already asking customers to pay for? By placing Android in the actual television set as opposed to packaging it with a peripheral, Google could bypass cable companies and the issue of convincing consumers to purchase yet another piece of hardware all together–this would allow them focus on content delivery. Under such circumstances, even with the freshly lowered cost of Cupertino’s new iteration of Apple TV, Google could still prove to have the upper hand.

That said, don’t go counting Apple TV out just yet. You see, the device has one very important thing going for it: Apple. Having already enjoyed content provision agreements with a wide number of media companies for the years now, they’ve got an excellent lead on newcomers in the downloadable content game. That edge, combined with the ability to hook an Apple TV up to pretty much any device with an HDMI port, could be the only in that they require in order to turn their hobby into a full-time money making behemoth.


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