Amazon Talks Smack About iPad

You just know that there’s trouble brewing for a product when their ads stop touting its features and start pointing out the perceived faults of a competitor’s wares. If you’re looking for an example, you needn’t look any further than Amazon’s latest ad for their revamped Kindle. Instead of talking about what makes the Kindle a decent reader–features such as its new lighter weight, crisper screen fonts, increased storage and free WebKit-based browsing–they focus on the glare of the iPad’s full color screen and higher price point.

Well played Amazon. Well played.

Tell you what: When you’re bored with reading, perhaps you can amuse yourself by skipping that new, lighter Kindle across that swimming pool like a pebble. We’d join you, but we’ll be having too much fun in the shade watching movies, playing games and typing an email about what a swell vacation we’re having with our iPads.

Man, I’m really feeling sore about the fact that our tablet, which cost a lot more than your sunglasses, is so much more versitle than your one-trick pony black & white device.

Editor’s Note: Seamus don’t take kindly to attack ads.



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