Adobe Back In The Flash-To-iPhone Compiler Business

Could it be that Adobe has won their long standing slap-fight with Apple? With Cupertino easing the restrictions placed upon developers who wanted to use third-party software solutions to produce applications for iOS devices, Adobe has signaled that they’ll restart development on their Flash-to-iPhone compiler Packager. You may recall that back in April, Adobe gave up on the support and development of the software solution in light of Apple’s decision to disallow third-party development software from producing applications destined for the iTunes App Store.

So, what’s changed?

It could very well be that the recent investigation into Apple’s trade practices by the Federal Trade Commision has either spooked or forced Apple into changing the terms of the company’s iPhone  SDK, specifically Section 3.3.1–the section that was overhauled yesterday.

No matter the cause, the return of an additional tool that developers can utilize to bring more excellent applications to market is a great thing, and most likely will end up being nothing but a win for consumers.


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