White iPhones Hit the Street — Sorta


You know, some of us around the Mac|Life staff have some pretty hefty student loans outstanding. If only there were some way to meet the steep cost of . Hey, I know, let’s sell white iPhones! Sound crazy? It isn’t.

Because that’s apparently the plan of a teen from New York according to the New York Observer. Budding gadget geek and aspirant, Fei Lam, has figured out how to tap into fan enthusiasm for the long-awaited, maybe never to be seen white iPhone 4. With a love of tech and a friend who knew someone at Foxconn, Lam was able to buy white iPhone 4 parts from overseas and turn those around to buyers elsewhere. Perhaps the mysteriously spotted white iPhone 4 in New York was really from here? 

white iphone 4

At first, he reports he lost money, having parts shipped to him at home, where he’d repackage them as a conversion kit that would turn your regular black iPhone 4 into a white one. Then he figured out how to get the parts to ship directly to the buyers, using himself as the transactional middleman. TechCrunch, CNET, and CNN jumped on the story and he banked a cool 0,000. A nice chunk of change for that degree, no?

But something this good couldn’t last forever, and that’s when Lam got a letter from a private investigator who is accusing him of selling stolen goods. Of course, the PI won’t say who he’s working for, but I think it’s a safe bet to guess that it rhymes with Schmoopertino. While Lam claims his parts aren’t stolen, he’s made a wise choice to contact a lawyer as well as keep his business running. 

Whether or not this turns out to be an illegal bust on stolen goods or just a trademark infringement we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, if you’re at all desirous of a handset that eludes the masses, you can head on over to Lam’s site while it’s still up and running.



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