The Mac|Life Editor Strategery Throwdown

The time is now. The Mac|Life editors are finally going head to head for the title of Master of Strategery!

You may remember our contest to win a set of Ceramic Speakers from Joey Roth. If you entered that contest, you were asked to vote on who you think would win in a Strategery tournament. You’ll now know if you made the right decision.


Round one is over. The winners are below. Stay tuned for sexy round two action.



Round one winners:


Susie destroyed Paul. “World domination, it’s just my thing. You know.”



Robbie annihilated Ray. “My parents, if they knew what an iPhone was, would be so proud.”



Nic took down Flo. “I’m not playing to make friends. I’m playing to annihilate them.”



Here are the rules.

The first round will be two-player head to head.

Map Size: Medium

Starting:Land Grab

Battle Type: Attrition


The second round will be a three player head to head to head.

Map Size: Large

Starting: Land Grab

Battle Type: Attrition

the top two finishers of that game will move on to the final round.


The final round will be head to head.

Map Size: Medium

Starting: Land Grab

Battle Type: Attrition

Here’s a handy bracket to keep score. 



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