The Little Emulator That Could: The Rise and Fall of iDOS

iDOS emulator app
(Image courtesy of touchArcade)

It’s a sadly familiar tale: A cool app gets approved into Apple’s App Store and less than 24 hours, it’s gone — the victim of a mysterious approval that probably should never have been. Such is the case with iDOS, an emulator app that plenty of folks were having fun with, right up until Apple yanked the rug out from under the rest of us.

touchArcade is reporting on iDOS, a nifty little 99-cent open source DOS emulator that hit the App Store on Monday night, only to be yanked from sale Tuesday afternoon. Based on DOSbox, the emulator was a universal app with PC keyboard support, mouse support and multiple screen modes — and an awful lot of folks were having fun with it before Apple decided to rain on the parade.

iDOS wasn’t the first emulator to make it into the App Store — a licensed Commodore 64 actually managed to survive Apple’s approval process and has remained for sale for quite some time. iDOS was unique because of its capability to emulate not only old DOS games but even Windows 3.0 and old Sierra adventure games such as Freddy Farkas: Frontier Pharmacist.

Sadly, the fun is over as of Tuesday afternoon, but a free version of the same emulator is now available via Cydia for jailbroken device users. It’s called DOSPad and touchArcade has posted a link with instructions on how to get and use it.

Here’s hoping that perhaps Apple will see the error of their ways and get iDOS back in the App Store — after all, they’ve been on quite a streak lately with previously forbidden apps such as GV Mobile and media players such as VLC which allow playback of just about anything you can throw into it.

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