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Apple Promises Tuesday Will Be a Day “That You’ll Never Forget”

Apple has wiped out almost all content on its home page to tease a special iTunes-related announcement coming on Tuesday, November 16 — and the Internet is abuzz wondering what it could be.

Apple is planning something big for Tuesday, November 16, if their website is any indication — all of the usual content has been wiped out and replaced with a teaser for something related to iTunes.

“Tomorrow is just another day,” the website proposes, “that you’ll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes.”

To make sure you don’t miss it, Apple has posted four international clocks below the teaser, which is coming at 7am California time (PST), 10am New York time (EST), 3pm London time or midnight Tokyo time.

Speculation is leaning toward the launch of an all-streaming iTunes service, particularly since Apple’s new North Carolina data center has been expected to launch toward the end of this year. If you’ll recall, Apple purchased which had previously offered a music-only streaming service, and the world has waited patiently to see what Cupertino plans to do with it.

It seems as if the wait may be over, but feel free to drop your own speculation into the mix in the comments — the clock is ticking!

iOS Controlled Massage Chair So Relaxing You'll ZZzZzZZ

If you were hanging with us back in August, you might recall our mentioning a massage chair that could be controlled by an iPhone would soon be hitting the market. Well, it looks like “soon” is now, as the comfy chair’s parent company–Human Touch–has announced the availability of the Acutouch 9500 massage chair.

My, but it does look comfy.

For the low, low price of ,999 (such a deal!) you can bring this vibrating massage beauty home in either black or espresso-tinted premium leather. By downloading the company’s free companion application from the iTunes App Store, the chair’s users can run the pricey piece of furniture through a series of programs designed to alternately relax, invigorate and revitalize every inch of the body… except perhaps for the bit of flesh that resides under where the chair’s owner keeps his or her wallet.


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