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The Week's Hottest Reviews on TechRadar

Dell XPS 13

As well as the new iPad review, we’ve also got a whole host of other reviews awaiting your perusal on TechRadar.

We’ve checked out several new Intel Ultrabooks including Dell’s XPS 13 and the Samsung Series 5 as well as the thin-and-light but officially not an Ultrabook Samsung Series 9.

And then there’s the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray player among plenty of other cool kit. Check out the full list below.

Dell XPS 13 review

There’s only so cheap you can go with a thin and light chassis, Intel Core i7 under the hood, 4GB of memory and a 128/256GB SSD. Dell hasn’t managed to make the XPS 13 as cheap as some competing Ultrabooks but this shouldn’t be a message of doom and gloom – we think Dell will manage to bring prices down. And despite the price, we think the XPS 13 is the most desirable Ultrabook we’ve yet seen.

And, because of its corporate-friendly features we think it’ll become a fixture in many boardrooms. But it’s far from being just good for business. It’s an excellent choice for anyone wanting a highly powered, highly portable machine. We’ve just found our next PC. How about you?

New iPad review

We think Apple’s new iPad is magnificent. It’s definitely the best iPad ever, with a brilliant new pin-sharp Retina display and more powerful graphics the stand-out new features. A consequence of these upgrades is that it’s slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, but if you want one of those, Apple is leaving the 16GB Wi-Fi model on the market.

Let’s face it, though, you don’t want one of those. You want one of the new ones, especially as the new iPad is only a little more expensive and offers a visual experience you have to see to believe. Apple’s MO is evolution rather than revolution, so owners of older models need not worry – there’s plenty of life in them yet. But for anyone else looking for a new play thing, this is it.

Philips Fidelio L1 review

Designed for use in the home as well as on the move, Philips is hoping the new Fidelio L1s will strike a chord with that rare beast: the iPod owner who really cares about sound quality.

A lot of the music we put through the L1 cans sounded absolutely stunning. Acoustic tracks sound first class across the board. The A-minor twang of a guitar, the snap of a snare drum, the wail of a Roger Waters – it’s all as sonically pure as any other headphones we’ve tested in recent times. But for as many tracks as we could find that made the L1s sound like the best headphones in the world, there were as many that brought them back down into the realms of normality due to a lack of punch at the low-end.

Samsung Series 9 review

The Samsung Series 9 900X3B is a fantastic-looking laptop that doesn’t sacrifice usability like many ultra-portable laptops. Yes, there’s a lack of power here, battery life is uninspiring and the price is colossal. Those things usually equate to a bad review, but the Series 9 commands a certain respect. The engineering and vision that’s gone into making something beautiful and unique goes beyond benchmark scores and gripes over price. We made excuses for the original Apple MacBook Air, which wasn’t usable as a main machine.

Panasonic DMP-BDT220 review

While the DBP-BDT220 has a seductively low price, it’s by no means a budget proposition. Panasonic has produced a high-performance Blu-ray player that doesn’t disgrace itself when partnered with equipment from higher up the food chain.

Other reviews

Blu-ray players

Panasonic DMP-BDT220 review


Hands on: Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN lens review

Hands on: Nikon D4 review review


D-Link Home Network Camera DCS-942L review

Compact cameras

Canon IXUS 125 HS review


Fuji X-Pro1 review


Samsung Series 5 Ultra review


HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 review


Fidelio SoundRing DS3800W review


Seagate GoFlex Desk 4TB review


Samsung UE55ES8000 review

TV accessories

Datacolor Spyder4 Express review


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The Week's Best Deals for Your Mac and iOS Device, 10 Apps for Free & Cheap Cases

We’ve got cases and apps and a whole lot more on sale for you this week. If you’re looking for some great headphones for just a fraction of the cost, you’ve come to the right place.



Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.3GHz dual-core Intel i5


Straight from Apple, this sweet little refurb is going for just 9. It’s a nice machine and a nice price.

Apple Mac Mini 2.3GHz Intel Core i5


If you go for new and are interested in switching from your PC, the Mac Mini is the best way to do that. 4 is all you need to get started, especially if you already have your monitor and stuff.

Replacement Battery for 15″ MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro dying on you all the time? Get a replacement battery for a mere .50. Usual price? 9, so get hopping, people.

VMware Fusion 4 and 10 Other Apps

Whoa. An amazing deal. For the price of just VMware Fusion (.99), you get it and ten more apps. This is an 87% discount. Bought separately, we’re talking 8. 

iOS Accessories

iShieldz New Apple iPad Screen

You sprung a load of dough on this New iPad dealio, you want to protect it, so grab an iShieldz optically clear skin to keep it baby soft. 40% off, this normally item is just .

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Keyboard Case

Typing on a virtual keyboard is slow and buggy, so this case can rocket your power, and it’s only .99 for a 42% savings.

Griffin PowerDuo for Car & Wall

Our iOS devices are power-hungry devils. Never see that 20% warning again with this duo pack of chargers for just .97.

Samsung WEP490 Bluetooth Headset

And as long as you’re in the car, do your talking hands-free and for only .99. Twenty dollars off and free shipping to boot. The life you save could be your own, and a cut rate.

Bone Collection Amplifier for iPhone

Put this adorably awesome horn on your iPhone for some boost to your sound. Just .57 nabs you this green number.

Windshield Mount and Screen Protector and Headset for iPhone

3 bucks for the goods and 3 bucks for shipping and handling nabs you this accessory pack

Armor Shell Case with Holster Combo and Screen Protector 

Protect your phone, wear it slung on your belt like a cowboy, and prop it up to watch teeny tiny movies all for one buck more than a fiver. .95 instead of .95 puts this sharp devil in your hands.

Retro Cassette Cover Case

Be the envy of your friends from the 80s with this old school cool cassette tape case for your iPhone and only spend 4 beans to do it. Cheaper than a two pack of Memorex 90 minute tapes.

Premium Noise Isolation Stereo Headphones

If you’re like me, you go through headphones like nobody’s business and it’s pricey if you don’t want garbage. So, if you’re like me, you’ll be ordering five of these for .95 a crack. It’s better than spending 0 for five.

Really Darn Cheap

SanDisk Cruzer Switch 32GB

Even with a host of cloud services, sometimes you need the speed and quick access of a flash drive, and for 32GB is a great deal no matter how you cut it.



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This Week's Most Exciting New iOS Game Releases: Chaos Rings II, MotoHeroz, and More

The new iPad is making its way to store shelves this week, though we don’t expect it to stay on the shelf for long. If you’re one of the hopeful early adopters reading this on your iPhone while standing in line outside the Apple Store, then continue reading. This week’s lineup of new iOS game titles will be the perfect compliment to the gaming power the new tablet will deliver — though they’ll look and run great on any iOS device.


From RedLynx, the creator of DrawRace 2, comes MotoHeroz (.99, iPhone), a genre-mashing racer in the style of Trials HD. MotoHeroz draws elements from platformers, side-scrollers, and racing titles to create a brand new rally-style racing experience. With a vibrantly colored world and 30 uniquely engaging tracks to dig your wheels into, you’ll want to keep going for a chance to burn rubber on the next one. Thanks to single-player challenges and multiplayer races, MotoHeroz will have you doing laps for days.

Chaos Rings

Square Enix brings its original RPG series back to iOS with Chaos Rings II (.99/iPhone, .99/iPad). You’ll play as Darwin, the chosen one, who is left with a difficult choice. With the entire world in chaos and on the edge of destruction, Darwin must slaughter five people — including a childhood friend — as a sacrifice that will save humanity. The story unfolds based off the player’s choices, so you’ll get a totaly different experience depending on the routes you choose.

Picnic Wars

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned food fight, but Picnic Wars (.99/iPhone, .99/iPad) brings a whole new meaning to the term. You’ll have to choose to side with either the fruits or the vegetables as you hunker down in the trenches of food-flinging combat. With a huge campaign, tons of fruit and vegetables to send flying and a variety of unique launchers, Picnic Wars aims to prove that it’s OK to play with your food.


Kung Fu Rabbit

Somehow, evil has escaped into the world. Kung Fu Rabbit (.99, Universal) puts you in control of a bunny who has mastered martial arts, as you fight to defeat evil — and save the students of your dojo. The game features 70 levels of platforming that will require all of your logic and reflexes. With clever dialogue, intuitive controls, and unique moves that could only be completed by a rabbit with a black belt, Kung Fu Rabbit is a platformer potentially worth fighting over.

Rune Raiders

If you’ve been thirsty for a little Dungeons & Dragons-style action on your iOS device, Rune Raiders (.99, Universal) could help quench your need. After assembling a ragtag team of warriors that will then be placed and moved around a game board, the pieces come to life for battle. With a variety of power-ups and upgrades, you’ll be scrapping through the randomly-generated levels to beat up all the baddies you can.


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Has It Been 6 Weeks Already? Firefox 11 Now Available

Firefox iconOh, Mozilla — just when we start to get comfortable with a new version of your Firefox web browser, you come along and yank the rug out from under us with an even newer edition. In keeping with the company’s new fast track development, Firefox 11 is now available for your downloading pleasure.

The Mozilla Blog has announced the availability of Firefox 11, the organization’s latest and greatest web browser (well, for another six weeks or so, anyway). Available now for Mac, Windows and Linux, Firefox 11 is another chapter in Mozilla’s “baby step” full point releases and most of the changes are under the hood.

Firefox 11 includes new in-product developer tools that will make it easier to visualize page elements. “The first is a powerful visual layout tool unique to Firefox, Page Inspector 3D View,” the company’s blog explains. “Nicknamed Tilt, it is a brand new WebGL-based website visualization tool that highlights the structure of a page better than a flat view, so anyone can immediately understand the relationship of the code to the page output.”

A new Style Editor tool also allows developers to edit CSS stylesheets like a text editor, but see the changes instantly, right from within Firefox 11. “It’s a quick and easy way to iterate and test designs on a website,” Mozilla notes. “Once changes are made, the Firefox Style Editor provides a simple way to save the file to your computer.”

Not a developer? Firefox 11 can now migrate your bookmarks, history and cookies from Google Chrome, and with Sync enabled, add-ons can now be synchronized across all of your computers. The new version also includes redesigned media controls for HTML5 video and fixes an issue with Growl 1.3 or later notifications not working.

You know you want it, so head over to the Mozilla website and get your Firefox 11 download on!

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This Week's Hottest Reviews on TechRadar

Radeon HD 7850

The beginning of March traditionally marks the start of new products season in the world of tech. It’s the time when all the exciting gadgets that were announced at IFA at the end of last year and at CES in January starts making its way onto the shelves and into our testing labs.

We probably won’t have to tell you that Apple’s new iPad is one of these products. It was only announced on Tuesday but it’ll go on sale at the end of next week.

You can also expect graphics cards, TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets, phones, cameras… You get the idea. It’s the start of the reviews season! Let’s go!

Hands on: New iPad review

We’re still calling it the iPad 3, how about you? Whatever you end up knowing it as, be it iPad 3 or new iPad, you’ve not heard the last of it. Not by a long shot. That’s because it’s the most impressive iPad ever, and it’s going to sell more units than an Irish pub on St Paddy’s Day.

The stand-out feature is that retina display, which offers up a resolution of 2048 x 1536 at 264 pixels per inch. It’s also got more powerful graphics to drive that higher resolution which should lead to some very pretty games and apps. On the downside it’s also slightly thicker and marginally heavier than the iPad 2, which can now be had for as little as £329.

AMD Radeon HD 7870 review

The AMD Radeon HD 7870 arrives alongside the Radeon HD 7850 to complete the line-up of AMD’s next-gen graphics cards. The 7870 is a step down from the 7970 and a step up from the 7770, theoretically putting it firmly in the performance/price sweet spot.

The fact AMD has included the full Graphics Core Next feature set is something to be applauded. It may not have the straight performance edge over the previous generation, but it’s got a lot more extras to back it up. We can’t ignore the awesome overclocking potential in the Pitcairn chip either. There’s no guarantee all AMD Radeon HD 7870s will be able to clock this high, but there is at least precedence.

Samsung UE55ES8000 review

The UE55ES8000 is Samsung’s most uncompromising TV yet. From the moment you first behold its almost sci-fi design and bold, dynamic pictures, you’ll be entranced. Crucial to this performance is the introduction of a dual-core processor to the Samsung UE55ES8000, since this makes the smart TV services more comprehensive and slick to navigate and delivers palpable benefits to picture quality.

Admittedly you’ll need to calm these pictures for normal domestic viewing, but once that’s done pictures still look hugely impressive. And your admiration only grows as you explore the TV’s revolutionary interfaces and the depth of its online and multimedia functionality. There are still things Samsung can improve, but as the first true next generation TV of 2012, the Samsung UE55ES8000 throws down a terrifyingly big gauntlet for the following pack to pick up.

AMD Radeon HD 7850 review

The fact AMD has filled out these lower-caste cards with all the same features as their higher-end brethren is refreshing, as is the fact that we’ll get all the HD 7850 goodness in such small footprints as 7.8-inches. Again, it’s the same Graphics Core Next story – the overclocking headroom is immense. The OC path is the only way to get the most out of these cards. Sadly that’s also part of the problem. At stock speeds both the HD 7870 and this AMD HD 7850 are rather uninspiring, and it takes ramping up clockspeeds yourself to get the real performance out of them. That’s a bit of a shame as most people probably wont take the risk with their new hardware. These pint-sized cards pack some impressive punch for sub-£200 GPUs, but only if you take the risk overclocking them.

Hands on: ZTE N910 review

Sorry N910 – it’s not us, it’s you. You feel cheap and insubstantial to hold, you’re chunky and you don’t even work properly. We’re prepared to give you a second chance, but if these annoyances continue in our full ZTE N910 review, then we’re sorry but it’s over.


Hands on: Canon 5D Mark III review

Hands on: Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN lens review


SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Steering Wheel review


SteelSeries Diablo III Headset review


HP Slim Keyboard review


HP 2.4GHz Wireless Laser Mobile Mouse review

Mobile phones

Nokia Asha 201 review

Hands on: HTC Sensation XE Ice Cream Sandwich review

Sony Xperia S review


Doxie Go review


Krator Neso N4-20U05 review


HP Webcam HD 5210 review


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The Week's Most Exciting New iOS Game Releases: Lightopus, Coco Loco, and More

Each week brings a mass of new game releases for both iPhone and iPad, but it’s hard to know which titles are worth a look and which are simply filler. As such, we’re launching a new weekly post to bring you the essential details on what we think are the five most interesting and exciting iOS games in a given week, complete with images and App Store links to find out more. And stay tuned, as many of the games featured in this space are sure to get full reviews on the site once we have a chance to test them out.


In Lightopus (.99, Universal), you’re the last of your species that is still in the wild; most of your kind were killed and the rest have been captured. Swim full speed ahead into the abyss as you aim to rescue your brethren and exact revenge on the monsters that attempted to wipe you off the planet. Lightopus features vibrant, electric graphics, intuitive controls, and lively character movement that will keep you gliding through the abyss for hours.

Coco Loco

If you could go for some hot chocolate and marshmallows, maybe stay away from Coco Loco (.99, Universal). It’s sure to make the cravings worse, as you’ll play as two gooey mallows that have set out to save their friends from the clutches of the cocoa covered villains. Armed with baseball bats — hey, why not? — and unique skills, you’ll tackle gorgeously designed stages as you aim to prove you’re not as soft as you appear.


What happens when an evil scientist’s robot minions suddenly have free will? They acquire a longing for freedom, and in Sminis (.99, Universal), it’s your job to safely guide the mechanical men and women through the maze that is a mad scientist’s laboratory. The game brings a stunning stylistic look that utilizes all of the abilities of the Unreal Engine. With 30 unique levels and three difficulty levels filled with increasingly challenging puzzles, there’s plenty to play.

Plants War

There are few things that are more devastating to an ecosystem than the introduction of unwelcome species. When beasts threaten to invade the Dryad Forest, the plants fight back to preserve their home. Take control of Leafy and his floral friends as you guard your land in Plants War (Free, Universal). This real-time action game puts you in control of a hero, whom you’ll upgrade while unlocking special skills that will help in your fight.

Kids vs Goblins

After an intense storm, three children find themselves trapped on an island inhabited by goblins who have captured their baby brother. Fight across the treacherous terrain of the land and recover the kidnapped infant in Kids vs Goblins (.99, Universal). You’ll control all three children at once, assigning them individual powers and spells that you’ll use and upgrade. There are over 60 spells to unlock, with countless combinations that will serve you well through all 30 levels.


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The Week's Best Deals for Your Mac and iOS Device, iPad 2 for How Much?

Well, with the new iPad out there (iPad 3? iPad HD? iPad Retina?), many of your are also looking at things to go with that or upgrades or considering the cut rate prices on the old stock. Well, you just so happen to be in luck, if you know what we mean. And on top of that good news, we also have a few treats on other prices you’ll want to know about.


Apple iMac Core i7 Quad 3.4GHz 27″ w/ 16GB RAM


1 less than what you’ll shell out at the Apple Store, this fine piece of hardware is loaded and won’t disappoint. Do you have ,300? then you’re gold.

Apple 11.6″ MacBook Air 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM


Save 25% and get that MacBook Air down to under a grand. 9 puts one of these wispy powerhouses in your carry-on just like that.

Apple TV


It’s not strictly speaking a Mac, but you can start ordering the new 1080p capable Apple TV right now for just , so what are you waiting around for? The product gets better but the price stays the same.


Easily convert all those .avi files (we know where you got them, mister!) into slick iPad ready movies for your enjoyment. 40% off down to .79.

The Mac Designer Bundle

Holy cow, designers! 3 worth of sweet design software for just . 86% off the price of buying them separately. A deal if you just use one of these.

iOS Accessories

iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Black

In-store only, the iOS accessory of accessories. MicroCenter’s got new iPad 2’s for just 0. Get in the car, already!

Pogoplug Multimedia Connector


Just and you can have four external hard drives pumping through your router so you’re not cluttering up your Mac with files and they’re all accessible everywhere. Awesome. Usually , so nab one now if you’d been considering it.


Kensington KeyFolio Pro Performance Keyboard Case for iPad 2


Tuck 37% of the price into the folder marked savings and pick up the keyboard case of note for your iPad 2 for just a mere .

Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad & iPad 2

iPad 1 owners, don’t feel left out, because they’ve got a deal for you too. Just .49 puts this directly into your hands and you’ll be writing that Great American iPad Novel in no time.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard


And if you don’t care for the folio cases, then here’s a straight Apple wireless keyboard for just .95. No wires? Sign us up.

Memorex XtremeMac Luna SST Dual Alarm Clock


Alarm clock and speaker for your iPhone or iPod. Wait for this price — down from 9 to only .99. That’s 65% off, amigos.

Really Darn Cheap

Philips 19” 720p LCD HDTV


You’ll be doing amazing things with bricks when you see the price of this deal. plus a fiver for shipping and handling? Are we serious? Oh yeah. Now move it!



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The Week's Best Mac and iOS Deals: Refurbished MacBooks, Quad-cores on Sale, and a Really Cheap Accessory Bundle


Save some dolla dolla bills, y’all! We’ve got some great deals for you this week including a MacBook for under 0. Yeah, you read that right. And you want gear to pimp out your iOS devices? We’ve got that too, so let’s see what’s on the price cut chopping block.


Refurbished Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz 13″ Laptop

macbook refurb

You only have hours left to jump on this one because a MacBook for 5 won’t last long and these are flying.

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 Quad 2.2GHz 15″ SSD Laptop

Cutting Apple’s price by a whopping 9, there’s nothing refurbed here. This discount laptop is new out the box for just 47, and check out those specs!

iOS Accessories

HHI iPhone 4 and 4S Camera Case

Ultimate disguise turns iPhone into digital camera. Also, the low price of .99 is hidden under the original .99 price tag.

Night Vision iPhone & iPod Portable Speaker Dock Hidden Spy Camera

Pricey but cool, this 9 speaker dock (down 0) doubles as James Bond-level spy cam. As long as no one steals it, you’re good. 

Build iOS Apps from Scratch

It’s not an accessory, per se, but it’s a tutorial for non-coders to make their own apps. Regularly going for 7, at your good idea could be in the App Store before you know it.

Incipio iPhone 4 4S offGRID Backup Battery Case

Stay juiced on those long trips with this battery case for your iPhone, now off taking it down to .99 with free shipping.

Targus 360° Rotating Stand & Case for iPad 2

Rotate within the case — that’s right, within — and do it stylishly with this case price cut by down to just .99

Retro Phone Handset

Remember the old days of cradles on phones and long cords? Well, that day is here for your iPhone with this less than half price handset down to just .99 with free shipping.

Luxury iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Carbon Case 

Fifty bucks off and you’re typing on your iPad 2 like it’s a laptop. Priced at .99, that’s fifty beans off the cover and you are ready to roll.

Really Darn Cheap

Accessory Bundle for Apple iPad 2

Remember to use coupon code S0201FPFS and you can get this package for just .09 and you get free shipping. Case, mic, travel charge adapter. Woof!



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