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iFixit Releases iPod nano Teardown

iFixit has released the official tear down of the brand new, recently announced 7th generation iPod nano.

The nano looks exactly like its predecessor and features a 1.54-inch multi-touch display, a 240 x 240 pixel resolution, a built-in accelerometer and stock Nike+ package.

There are also no screws. To take apart the tiny device, you’ll have to take a heat gun to open it up.

The new iPod nano is available now, starting at 9.


Apple Releases EFI Firmware Updates for MacBook Pro, Mac mini

In addition to this week’s MacBook Air update, Apple has also released firmware updates for the early 2011 MacBook Pro and the mid-2011 Mac mini. The software update provides support for Apple’s Thunderbolt Display, as well as enables Lion Internet Recovery. You can get your update through Apple’s Support Downloads page.


Apple Releases MacBook Air EFI Firemware Update

Apple today released an EFI update for the MacBook Air. The update chances the stability of Lion Recovery from an internet connection and fixes the Thunderbolt Display compatability issues with Thunderbolt, as well as remedies any issues with the Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance.

For more information, visit Apple’s Support Site.


Bungie Aerospace Releases First Game Crimson: Steam Pirates

Crimson: Steam Pirates

Bungie Aerospace has launched its first game today since establishing their new indie publishing label. It’s called Crimson: Steam Pirates and is now available for free on the iPad.

Crimson was developed by an indie developer called Harebrained Schemes in association with Bungie Aerospace, a sub-label developed by Halo developers Bungie to help indie devs get their projects off the ground.

The lead designer on the project was none other than Jordan Weisman, who created the Battletech, MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, and Shadowrun universes.

As might be obvious from the title, the game takes place in a sort of steampunk universe full of pirates. It’s a strategy game in which you set out on “voyages” controlling a fleet of ships, subs, and zepellins in naval battle. 

You can check out the video below for a more detailed introduction, or just grab the free title on iTunes.


Mozilla Wasn’t Joking About Rapid Releases, Pushes Out Firefox 6

Firefox Rapid Release TimelineMany of us thought that Mozilla had gone to crazy town when they announced their “Rapid Release Timeline” for Firefox, with new full version releases every six weeks or so. But after taking seemingly forever to get through the first few versions, we’ve jumped from version 4 to 6 in just a few short weeks.

Mozilla announced
the release of Firefox 6 on Tuesday, after pushing out Firefox 5 eight weeks ago in late June and Firefox 4 back in March. While that sounds crazy enough, the company is already on the fast track with Firefox 7, scheduled for release on September 27 — with Firefox 8 and 9 already queued up in the company’s “aurora” and “nightly” channels prior to beta.

While computer users have become accustomed to lots of new features and gloss with major version numbers, that’s not quite the case with Firefox, which really looks no different from the previous version. According to arsTechnica, the Product lead on Firefox has even gone so far as to suggest removing the version number from the browser entirely — you’ll either be up to date or not, similar to how Google Chrome handles their updates.

It’s unlikely that Mozilla will entirely eliminate version numbers from Firefox, so for the foreseeable future we’ll have to wrap our minds around the concept that a major new version number doesn’t necessarily equate to tons of new features. So without further ado, here’s a list of what’s new in Firefox 6:

– The address bar now highlights the domain of the website you’re visiting
– Streamlined the look of the site identity block
– Added support for the latest draft version of WebSockets with a prefixed API
– Added support for EventSource / server-sent events
– Added support for window.matchMedia
– Added Scratchpad, an interactive JavaScript prototyping environment
– Added a new Web Developer menu item and moved development-related items into it
– Improved usability of the Web Console
– Improved the discoverability of Firefox Sync
– Reduced browser startup time when using Panorama
– Fixed several stability issues
– Fixed several security issues

Firefox 6 can be downloaded from Mozilla’s website, with the new version also available for other platforms, including Android. Not feeling the love with version number six? Fear not, version number seven will arrive before the leaves start to fall.

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TeleStream Releases ScreenFlow 3.0

ScreenFlow 3.0Earlier today, Telestream released the latest version of ScreenFlow, the screencasting software designed for Mac. This version, 3.0, delivers OS X Lion compatibility, support for new Lion features, and new content creation and workflow tools.

According to Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream, “ScreenFlow 3.0 allows software developers, trainers, educators, and bloggers to quickly and efficiently capture, edit and create amazing video tutorials, promos, and training videos that enhance the learning experience and online product demonstrations.”

The software now takes advantage of the OS X Lion platform, bringing support for Automatic Save, overlay scroll bars, and full screen functionality for both editing and playback.

ScreenFlow 3.0 brings some new efficiency tools, including the ability to group and ungroup clips, which makes organizing media for larger, more complex projects a lot easier. Audio improvements now allow users to instantly see the effects of volume changes in the timeline, remove background noise, and maintain smoother volume levels throughout their videos. The new release also includes an iPad preset, as well as the ability to publish video directly to Vimeo.

ScreenFlow 3.0 is available for . An upgrade from version 2 to version 3.0 is available for and an upgrade from version 1 is available for . For more information, a free trial, or an online purchase, visit Telestream. ScreenFlow is also available for purchase through the Mac App Store.


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Kairosoft Releases Mall Management Simulator Mega Mall Story

Mega Mall Story

As we reported last week, Kairosoft, the makers of some of the most deviously addictive simulation games on iOS, have released their latest epic. It’s called Mega Mall Story, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

We’ve been more than a little bit smitten by Kairosoft’s releases over the past year or so. They have a very unique brand of video game that has kept us captivated over several different iterations. The first to win us over was Game Dev Story, and it continued through Pocket Academy and Hot Springs Story.

The idea that runs through all of their games is that you’re building a company from the ground up. You have customers who will come in to your business and want to be catered to, and so you must provide for them. It’s an extremely addicting formula that becomes very rewarding as you watch your business grow and your profits soar.

Now the newest iteration has been released. It’s called Mega Mall Story, and while it doesn’t appear to reinvent the Kairosoft formula, we’re still psyched to take it for a test drive in this new environment. Go check it out! But beware, you may lose your afternoon to its sultry embrace.


Apple Releases Lion Recovery Disk Assistant for External Drives

LionToday, Apple released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant software in order to better serve users who have a need to create recovery partitions on external drives.  The software builds upon Apple’s Recovery features within Mac OS X Lion by adding support for creating a Recovery Disk on external drives.

The release notes from Apple mention that the resulting partition will have all of the same capabilities as the built-in Lion Recovery: reinstall Lion, repair the disk using Disk Utility, restore from a Time Machine backup, or surf the web via Safari.

In order to create an external Lion Recovery with the assistant, you’ll need a Mac that already has an existing Recovery HD.  The external drive will also need to have at least 1GB of free space.  The Lion Recovery Disk Assistant comes in as a lightweight 1.07MB download.

It should be noted that the new partition won’t show up in the Finder nor in Disk Utility on Mac OS X, however you can simply access it by rebooting the Mac while holding the Option key.

Just a heads up though that users are warned that the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant will wipe out all data on the external hard drive.  Apple advises that users back up data or create a new partition on the drive prior to running the assistant.

Apple also continues that if the Recovery HD is created for a Mac that shipped with Lion, then the external recovery drive can only be used with that system.  On the bright side, if the assistant happens to run a Mac that made the jump from Snow Leopard to Lion, then the external recovery drives can be used on other systems that upgraded from Snow Leopard.

via AppleInsider

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Apple’s Working For The Weekend, Releases iOS 5 Beta 5 To Developers

iOS 5 logoIs Apple working overtime preparing iOS 5 ready for release? That would appear to be the case, as the company slipped out Beta 5 of the next mobile operating system on Saturday, a rare move that is likely to make for a few cranky developers this lazy August weekend.

If you’re an iOS developer, you might want to log in to your account on Apple’s website, because they have a rare and special treat for you this early August Saturday afternoon — the company has posted the iOS 5 Beta 5, Build 9A5288d along with accompanying downloads for Xcode 4.2, iTunes 10.5 and Apple TV.

While iOS 5 Beta 4 featured the ability to update over the air — a feature already advertised as part of the consumer release this fall — Apple is recommending that developers first choose Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings prior to installing iOS 5 Beta 5, although early reports claim that this step isn’t actually necessary. (It was for a developer iPad 2 we had access to, which refused to offer the Beta 5 OTA update, simply report “iOS 5.0: Your software is up to date.”)

iOS 5 Beta 5 doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of new features, but MacRumors is reporting (via the NatesTechUpdate YouTube channel) that a new Hearing Aid Mode has been added under Settings > Accessibility which claims to improve compatibility “with hearing aids in some circumstances,” but “may reduce 2G cellular coverage.”

Those developers who have succeeded in doing the OTA update claim it’s around 128MB in size, versus more than 700MB for the restore images found on Apple’s iOS Dev Center, which is accessible only to developers who have ponied up the per year to join that elite club. In addition to Beta 5, new builds of Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 5, iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 and Apple TV Software Beta 4 are also available for download.

For the rest of us, at least iOS 5 Beta 5 is a sign that things are moving ever so slowly in the right direction for its fall release to consumers.

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Garmin Releases Three New Navigation Apps, This Time With Maps

Garmin StreetPilot OnboardYou may recall Garmin’s first move into the App Store back in January with StreetPilot, a navigation app that tried a different approach from the others — leaving the maps out, requiring users to have data access through their iPhone. Now the company is back to rectify that move, complete with maps.

MacRumors is reporting that Garmin has released three new flavors of navigation apps to the App Store, all of which feature onboard map data, unlike their first StreetPilot effort. Although Garmin StreetPilot made for a quick download from the App Store, it required data access on your device in order to receive maps — making it less desirable for users in remote areas, or even cities where 3G is spotty.

That’s why the company has now moved in the opposite direction, releasing three flavors of navigation apps they call “Garmin StreetPilot Onboard,” with all of the necessary map data included with the installation. As such, a hefty initial download from the App Store is now required, and will likely be the same for future updates — but at least you’ll have your map data with you at all times now.

“Garmin StreetPilot Onboard puts the vast preloaded database and intuitive interface of a Garmin nüvi into the iPhone you use everyday — without tapping into your data plan,” the company announced in a press release on Tuesday. “With ultra-fast map drawing, panning and zooming, the preloaded maps and Points of Interest offer peace of mind in knowing that wireless coverage and data plan usage are not required to access maps or calculate routes. So just as with a nüvi, the maps and directions are always there when you need them most — especially when you can’t get cell or Wi-Fi signals or your data plan is running low.”

The company is offering three flavors of the app: The .99 Garmin U.S.A. which includes the lower 49 states with a few Caribbean islands; the .99 Garmin N. America which includes the entire United States, Canada, Mexico and those Caribbean islands; and finally, the £44.99 Garmin UK & Ireland for complete maps of Great Britain, Isle of Man and Channel Islands as well as major cities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Real-time traffic and fuel price data are also available as separate in-app purchases.

And no, before you ask: Owners of the existing Garmin StreetPilot won’t get free updates to the new onboard map versions — they’re considered all new apps.

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