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Price Drop: The Weekend's Best iOS App Deals, New iPad Edition

It’s New iPad day! It’s New iPad day! And developers are counting on your itchy fingers waiting to grab some extra fine apps for your New iPad that there’s sales galore, so join us in a special New iPad release day edition of Price Drop.


You’ve got your notes app, you’ve got your mind map, you’ve got your checklists app, and you’re bouncing around between them. ENOUGH! Get it all under one roof, four dollars off, for just a buck.


Another beauty of a game, prepping itself for your iPad enjoyment, now at 60% off the cover price, down from .99 to just .99. It’s a price cut sure to cause CHAOS.

Assassin’s Creed-Altaïr’s Chronicles HD

Master your assassin’s skills in this prequel to Assassin’s Creed and bust out your acrobatic killing moves for just one freakin dollar, with six dollars sliced off the price.

TowerMadness™ HD

Hurry and grab this one, because this usually game is free free free! We’re talking 2011’s Pocket Gamer Readers’ Choice iPad Game of the Year here, people.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD

Do whatever a spider can in this hugely popular web crawling super hero game. Your spider senses should be tingling even before we tell you this game is six dollars off, down to just a single dollar.

Doodle Jump HD

The little app that could is all grown up and ready to rock it out on your New iPad’s big gorgeous screen, so get jumping, little dude, get jumping for just .99.

Photo Measures

Take a photo, draw your measurements on it, never be at a loss again for if that couch you want will really fit in your house. Architect approved, this usually five dollar app is down to just one.

AppStart for iPad

Are you new to the iPad game? Well, here’s a freebie app that will get you started with the best of the best apps for your big screen baby.

2Do: Tasks Done in Style

It’s not strictly iPad only, but this universal is one of the most powerful to do apps we’ve seen, and six dollars off is nothing to shake a one dollar bill price tag at.

Shinobi ZIN: Ninja Boy

Ninjas are you ready? Ha, that silence tells us all we need to know. Quietly, in the darkness, lay down a dollar and this app is yours.

My Brush for iPad

100 brushes for painting for free, you say? Absolutely, we say. And here’s the link to prove it. Get drawing, artistes!

The Adventures of Tintin™ – The Game

Great snakes! This five dollar adventure packed movie tie-in is only one doubloon, so get while the adventure is fresh!

Inertia : Escape Velocity HD

Defy gravity in this game where your own power to control your inertia and work your way through this 3D platform gaming marvel. Drop .99 and you’re set to take off.



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Price Drop: The Weekend's Best iOS App Deals

There are some great games seeing a sizable erasure of their cost this weekend, so we’re sure you’ll want to be nabbing some of those including ever popular PopCap games. What else does this weekend hold for you? Well, let’s go and see.

Bejeweled® 3

Why should iOSers have all the fun? Grab the Mac App Store version of the incredibly popular, incredibly addictive Bejeweled series with this drop for a 50% off price cut.


2 dollars off Peggle if you’re just an iPhone/iPod kinda guy or gal, making this one just a buck. Or that same dollar will nab you a similar two dollar price cut on the iPad version. Buy both for less than one originally.


There’s no corresponding iPad version, but with just one of those bucks you saved on earlier PopCap titles you can pick up this cuter version of Bejeweled style play.

Plants vs. Zombies

Hugely, insanely popular, the PvZ suite of games are seeing dollars blasted off their heads this week, as two fall off the iPhone version of the game while twice that is blasted out of the skulls of the iPad HD version.


More of a word game kinda person? Well, this PopCap sale gets you in its clutches too, as you feed Lex for just one dollar.


Speaking of words, how about a little distraction free typing with this text editor that includes markdown and extended keyboards? To help you decide, they’ve taken four dollars off to make it free. There you go.


And for you novice coders, Codea makes it easy and makes it cheap by deleting and putting this gem in your hands for just .99.

BigHead Maker for iOS5

Kicking butt on those games might give you a big head. Or you can leave it to this app, a dollar off down to free because they’re so modest.

The World by National Geographic

There are maps and then there are National Geographic maps and these beauties are no exception to the gorgeous photography and info you can get from that org. Amazing, and two dollars off to .99.

Around the World in 80 Days: The Game (Premium)

As long as you’re exploring the globe, why not do it Jules Verne style in this fun game that lost 3 dollars from its price to go free just for you?


While you’re traveling, there’s always one lame-o in your pictures who blinks or turns her head away. Fix it up by combining pictures in this dollar off freebie that gives you excellent results.


And what’s a little animation between friends? Turn your video and pictures into amazing hybrids and save a buck doing it as this beaut is going for just .99.



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Price Drop: The Weekend's Best iOS App Deals

Movies, sports, books, virtual worlds, we’ve got a little bit of everything you want in this weekend’s big round up of app deals you’ll want to get your paws on. So fire up ye olde App Store because a couple of these only last for a little while and then they’re gone.

Discovr Movies

We’re big fans of the Discovr apps interactive maps to find more apps and music, so when their Movies app dropped down to free, we grabbed that up.

MediaBurner – Tube Video Downloader

It’s only free today, so don’t come crying to us if you miss out on this app that lets you download to your iOS device videos for later viewing. 

The Book of the Dragon

Save ten whole dollars on this lushly illustrated partly animated fantastic example of ebooks, because it’s free, so get while the getting’s good.

Oh! Edo Towns

SIMS? Nah, you rock it medieval Japan style, and with sliced from the price, this .99 virtual world is yours for the taking.

Bohnanza HD

A cult card game about beans? Sign us up. Now drop the price from .99 to .99 and we’re so down with that.

Reckless Racing 2

The weekend is all about racing and you’ll be racing to save by getting this one now before the price kicks into high gear and goes up from .99.


Spring training is upon us. Get yourself psyched for 2012 with this four dollar savings bringing this baseball classic down to just one buck.


Simply put, there aren’t enough goat-oriented gaming options out there, so when GoatUp goes half off then you should be paying attention. 



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Price Drop: The Weekend's Best iOS App Deals


Woohoo, it’s a Sims party and a Sims party don’t stop

We got a big weekend’s worth of deals here as we roll into the biggest shopping weekend of the new year — President’s Day? Apparently so, as lots of app developers are offering you cut rate deals on top shelf apps in a  fit of patriotic pricing we’re at a loss to explain. Don’t question the deals, just take advantage of them. It’s what Honest Abe would have wanted.


You’ll need your pulse checked when you see some of these deals, like this app, down from .99 to free.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD

Here’s exactly the kind of app that’ll get your pulse kicking. And off? Only .99? Are we joking? Nope. Your honor is at stake Huang Lee! 

Cars in sandbox: Construction

Maybe this is more your car speed. Kids love road machinery and this one’s two dollars off to the price of free. Work that dump truck, kid!

Bad Mouse

If working with a hammer’s more your kid’s speed, then whack-a-mole style fun is off to free in this fun time-waster.


Can it really play any format of music or movie? Why don’t you find out? It’s free after all and was .99 originally.


Pop marbles in this classic-style popper game down from .99 to just .99. Get shooting!


If puzzles are more your speed, then give Puzzle Cosmos a look. With .99 coming off the tag, this brain teaser is free for now.

Electronic Arts Mega Sale

We saved the best for last. Giant game developer, Electronic Arts, is having a huge, huge, huge sale this weekend, cutting prices on tons of titles, so get ready:

Monopoly for iPad

Down to just .99. Plenty left over to buy Baltic Avenue!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012

iPad golfing with a master, just .99.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed

For .99, your iPad is now a racing machine.

Mirror’s Edge for iPad

If your heart wasn’t racing earlier, this parkour action hit will, for only .99.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Finish him! And it’ll only cost you one measly dollar.

The Sims 3

Six dollars off and you’ll be living in a virtual world for just one buck. Holy simoleons!



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Price Drop: The Weekend's Best iOS App Deals


Lots of good stuff in the deal basket for this weekend, so you can get your App Store finger ready for some freebies, some price cuts, and some fantastic app deals.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I HD

Old school Sega classics on your iOS device, with a price cut from .99 to .99. Unlock Super Sonic!

Sonic CD

Keep your hedgehog action fresh and jumping with this classic. Same price as above, .99 gets you plenty arcade action.

Element Defense

20 maps, 48 levels, 35 cute monsters. And currently off so you get it for free.

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 1

Our favorite freelance police are on the case and they’re also down to .99 from .99 and they’re totally worth it.

Interactive Painting Board

Do your kids love to paint? Of course they do so nab this currently free interactive iPad paint board.

World Atlas for iPad

Smart Solutions also has a delightful iPad freebie in this gorgeous World Atlas.

Little Rockets HD

We can’t get enough of these iPad free apps, nor will you with this brain puzzle challenge that costs you nothing but time. 

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 HD

Valentine’s Day sale is bringing this app down 40% from .99 to .99 and with 160 arcade levels, you’ll love playing this for hours.

Converter — The Amazing Unit Converter

If practicality is your speed, then a free unit converter with this many options can’t be beat. 


Old school photographers will recognize that number and everyone will recognize this one: .00. That’s all it costs for this feature packed toy camera app.


Or turn your pictures (drawings that is), into cartoons with FlipToon, down a buck to free. 

The Love Tangram

Love is totally in the air and you’ll love this free universal app that has you solving puzzles with heart.

Back to the Future Ep 1 HD

Get started on the series because this first one’s free and all the others are at the bargain price of .99 a pop.

Back to the Future Ep 2 HD

Back to the Future Ep 3 HD

Back to the Future Ep 4 HD

Back to the Future Ep 5 HD



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Price Drop: Childlike Wonder Games

This week’s games are addictive and packed with cute animals, making them too fun by half. You’ll be fighting your kids to get back your phone just so you can have a crack at these adorable discounted apps. Got a long car trip coming up for the weekend? Well, then, you’re set.

Rocket Rush – Tappi Bear


Time for another space journey as you pilot Tappi Bear through the cosmos. Navigate your way through meteors as you fire you donut canon but watch out that the aliens don’t get you! How far can you go? This fast loading universal game is a buck off, making it free for you. Enjoy and good luck!

Kiwi Brown


Oh noooes! The evil space bubbles are set to invade and only you, Kiwi Brown, can save the day. Pop those bubbles through cycles of days and nights (bubbles don’t rest — what can you do?). Power-up for mega burst action in this charming free iPhone only app down from one dollar to just one tap in the App Store.

Little Bricks


The classic brick breaking style game gets a few twists in this update on an old favorite. It’s not just you, your ball, and some bricks. Oh no, you’ll be working in the rain, in the snow, against high winds. You’ll be finding portals and all kinds of other hidden gems in this now free iPhone favorite.

Derby & the Jellybean Adventure


Derby’s on an adventure to eat as many jellybeans as he can. You’ll fling him from peg to peg in this free iPhone physics style game. Watch out for thieving enemies who will try to steal your sweet treats. With the right aiming, you can toss this adorable little guy for hours without stop. Down from a dollar, but not forever, so what are you waiting for?



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Price Drop: Adventures

Sure, there are tons of leveling up games where you repeat a similar task through increasing complexity and those are fun and all, but if you’re looking for a bit more excitement in your daily gaming routine, check out these price drops. Whether you’re fighting off hordes of zombies, putting the smack down on Deathstroke, or getting the knack of Expelliarmus, your pulse will be pounding.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

They’ve hit the price with a Sectum Sempra spell and slashed it down from .99 to .99 for this engaging universal app, and believe us when we say it’s worth it. Over 40 levels and over 100 characters means this game universe will take months to master. This is a limited time sale so if you haven’t picked up this Hogwartian adventure, we suggest you wave your wand and Accio App Store pronto. (And we’d really like to believe that this is just a prelude to them finally porting Years 5-7 over to the iOS platform.)

Batman Arkham City Lockdown

The Warner Brothers franchise games are seeing massive price cuts. They must be mad! Or else they’re part of the escaped lunatics who’ve busted out of Arkham Asylum and are intent on turning Gotham City into a madhouse. Down from .99 to .99, this game puts you in the mask of the Dark Knight himself. Are you up to taking down the Joker? You’ll get your chance, after Two Face and tons of other level bosses.

Zombie Samurai

Speaking of slashing, you’ll be doing plenty of that when you pick up your katana against zombies. Defend your dojo and do it on either your iPad or your iPhone because both of these babies are free. These brain lusting undead will over run Japan and only you are there to stop them before it’s too late. Think you’ve got what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Think you’ve got the sword moves? You’ll soon find out.


I was in a celebratory mood today, why not try these out although it might have mainly been due to the very welcome sunshine.

Price Drop: Action Games

If you’re like us (trapped in tonight by predicted snow), you’re craving a little action, a little excitement, a little elbow in someone’s face gaming, swords clashing, buckles swashing, and all the rest. Well, have we got some two-fisted deals for you. BAM!

Splinter Cell Conviction™ HD


Just one of the many Gameloft titles with their price-throats cut, sinking them to their knees at .99. Whether you’re unleashing your skills on the iPhone or iPad, for a dollar you’ll be kicking butt and trying to save your daughter from a corrupt secret agency. Weapons and gadgets are at your disposal, but you’ll need your wits more than anything.



If martial arts and manga style graphics are more your speed, save yourselves 4 smackers by dropping .99 on this popular fists of fury game. Create teams that suit your fighting style, collect trading cards in the gallery, or just enjoy the beautiful graphics as you fight your way to the top.

Shake Spears!


Also rocking a free iPhone and free iPad version, Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME! You’ll compete in knightly tournaments jousting your way into the favors of a beautiful lady through four worlds of battle against changing bosses everywhere. If the battle proves to much for your skills with lance, whip out some magic and ride to glory.




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Price Drop: Brainiac Edition


Well, there, smarty pants, you’ve surely proved you’ve got something going on upstairs — after all, you’re a Mac|Life reader, aren’t you? We’ve got the sharpest deals around for some keen people who want to stretch, test, and work their brains. People just like you. Are you ready for some iOS love for your gray matter?

IQ Test Pro – Answers Provided


You’d have to be a dummy not to take advantage of the price drop from .99 to just a mere dollar. Yes, that’s all it takes to put your brain on the scale and see whether you are the next Einstein or the inspiration for “Dumb and Dumber.” (Pssst, the answers provided if you need to impress someone.)

Head Knowledge – Now You Know


So maybe you didn’t do so swell on the IQ test…well, no reason you can’t let developer Jesse Chaulk drop some knowledge on you with this dollar off app. For just a buck, you’ll never be at a loss for why the sky is blue, who named the sandwich, and why wedding rings are worn on the hand and finger they are. 140 carefully researched questions will have everyone saying “Genius!” when they mention your name.

Preschool: 15 in 1 Kids Pack


It’s never too late to get your baby geniuses on board and learn ’em right. And what better way than this free interactive app from Deepak Demiwal? Fifteen learning apps help teach your tykes basic math, words, the days of the week, and more. So if your three your old doesn’t know the alphabet yet, get her crackin! For free!

Essay Grader Mobile

“Hey, Teach, what’d I get on the Huck Finn ?” Yes, teachers can’t get enough of questions from students about their grades. Well, make it easy on yourself, English teachers. Shave a buck off this iPhone app, down to .99, that lets you praise the mechanics, style, and organization of your students’ papers on the go. Best of all, the comments are pre-written, so with a minimum of tinkering, you’ll be hustling through that stack of compositions.



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Price Drop: iPod Alternatives


Yes, yes, we know the latest iOS splits up the iPod into Music and Video apps, but it’ll always be the iPod to us! Of course, even though we have a default app for it, a few developers stepped up to create some iPod alternative apps for taming that wild beast of a music collection of yours. Here’s a handful we found that are going for a cut rate. Grab ’em all and see which suits your fancy as today’s apps are going for free.

iMusic — The Perfect Music Player


We can’t vouch for the claims of the name, but developer Akhil Tolani must feel pretty confident he’s got your go-to iPod replacement. Save yourself a buck with this currently free app that lets you SMS, tweet, or notify your Facebook friends what you’re listening to, in-app song lyrics, fade in/fade out, and custom playlists. You can even use your music as your alarm clock.



Mic Pringle made a beautiful and simple music player with Audium which is also swinging down one whole buck to free. Scrobble with is just one of the killer features in this stripped down app. The biggie is, of course, that Audium is entirely gresture driven. So you’ll swipe to scroll through your music, double tap for playback or pause, and swipe to navigate through tracks. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Lasy Player

lasy player

Another freebie, the strangely spelled Lasy Player from Agility Concepts boasts skins and quick access to your music library. Also you’ll find that they’ve also pursued the route of simplicity by putting big old controls right up front. A song list below lets you flip through your tracks. The one screen route makes jumping into music faster than you can say, uhhh, is this free?



It feels strange, and a bit sad, buy– to think that I won’t be there any more.