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iPads Used to Feed Hungry Travelers

Anyone that has traveled this past year knows what a drag it can be. Between having to struggle with fed-up inflight staff, TSA pat-down searches, increasingly expensive fares and the threat of terrorist attacks, it’s a wonder why anyone bothers trying to get airborne at all.  Thankfully, the folks from OTG Management–an airport catering company that works behind the scenes in terminals across the country–have implemented a few changes to how they do business to make your journey into the wild blue yonder more efficient and ever-so-much more geeky. In an effort to provide the patrons of their airport lounge locations with a restaurant quality dining experience, the company has unveiled a program that will streamline the meal selection process for hundreds of hungry travelers a day, thanks in part to the ingenious use of a built-to-order iPad menu system.

By offering the winning combination of world-class cuisine from a wide variety of restaurants, expedient service, and slathering it all up in the awesome sauce of Apple technology, OTG Management has set the stage for our expectations of what an airport dining experience can be on its ear.  Travelers can order their meals from a wide selection of cuisine advertised on the catering company’s custom-developed iPad menu application. While they wait for their orders to arrive, the diners are encouraged to use their table’s iPad to check on the status of their flights, play a game or browse through a periodical or two. In no time at all, the meal the diner selected is delivered to their table. Not too shabby at all!

Currently, the iPad-enhanced dining experience is only available at New York’s John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports, but if the service is the success that it appears it could very well become, you could have the opportunity to enjoy the same slick dining experience at an airport near you in the not too distant future.


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Riddle Us This: Why is TJ Maxx Selling iPads for $399?

iPad sign at TJ MaxxIn what alternate universe would you have to live to hear this: “Honey, next time you’re down at TJ Maxx getting a great deal on clothes, pick me up one of those iPads I keep hearing about.” As it turns out, it’s not only a reality, but it could be happening in this very universe.

Engadget is reporting that, for some inexplicable reason, budget retailer TJ Maxx is now offering the base model 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad for — wait for it — 9.99. You didn’t read that wrong: TJ Maxx is now the cheapest place to buy a 16GB iPad, a full cheaper than even Apple’s own refurbs.

The rogue iPads were first spotted by an Engadget reader at a TJ Maxx in Vernon, NY and the intrepid reporter followed up by confirming the devices were also on sale in stores in Ohio, New Jersey and elsewhere. When the news first broke, many believed these were refurbished units, but apparently that’s not the case. Some of the stores contacted were holding back their inventory for Black Friday, which is only a week away now.

According to MacRumors, iPads have also popped up at Marshalls, which is a sister chain to the TJ Maxx brand. Both retailers are known for catering to the “thrifty” crowd — they buy up excess inventory from both manufacturers as well as other stores and move it out the door as cheaply as possible. While they do offer plenty of brand names, Apple historically hasn’t been one of them.

Either this is one of the greatest strategic marketing moves in retail history, or a whole bunch of iPads fell off the back of a truck somewhere — Apple is mum on the subject for now, so feel free to speculate away while you go grab yourself a deal.

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Doctors Using iPads Down Under? Diagnosis: Awesome!

Doctor using iPad
(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

If you live in the land down under, your next visit to a doctor may very well include some time with Apple’s iPad, as doctors in the Australian state of Victoria will now be packing everyone’s favorite mobile tablet.

9to5Mac is reporting that Australia’s medical community is a hotbed of iPad activity, thanks to Premier John Brumby, a Labor Party politician for the state of Victoria. The Premier “plans to provide iPads to all the doctors working in Australia’s public health system,” with 500 units heading to Victorian hospitals in January, 2011.

“As technology evolves, so do the tools that our doctors need,” Premier Brumby explained. “We will provide million to buy iPads for every doctor working in Victoria’s public hospital system, so they have easy access to time-critical clinical information at a patient’s bedside.”

This isn’t the first time that Premier Brumby has put iPads in the hands of his constituents — earlier this year the government bought over 500 iPads for Victorian schools, and the state of Victoria “has also created a Government 2.0 action plan and set up an interactive eGovernment website to allow participation and interaction with Victorian residents.”

With the iPad currently enjoying 95 percent of the tablet market, the device is finally enjoying widespread use in corporate, enterprise and medical industries — not to mention the millions of regular folks who can’t live without theirs.

So when will we start seeing iPads in widespread use here in the United States? Diagnosis: Uncertain, but we can still dream, can’t we…?

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It's Game On for Quake 3 Arena on Jailbroken iPads

Wireless syncing, applications that turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot, Facetime calls over 3G–when it comes to rocking an iPhone, it seems that jailbreakers get to have all the fun. As of this morning, iOS device users that have opted not to tinker with their Apple devices have another reason to pout with word reaching us that jailbroken iPads will soon be able to play a very pretty-looking version of Quake 3 Arena.

According to Gizmodo, developer Alexander Pick has been busying putting together a very playable version of Quake 3 Arena that runs circles around the glitch-filled iPhone version a few years back. Pick’s port of the game supports 1024×768 graphics, iTunes integration for file sharing (which is awesome news if the game supports anything resembling mods or skins), a downloadable high resolution texture pack and onscreen movement controls. As we speak, Pick is looking for a method of allowing access to a Bluetooth keyboard so that your Quake 3 Arena fueled frag-fest will be all that and a bag of potato chips.

If all goes according to plan, Alexander Pick’s work up of Quake 3 Arena should be available via the Cydia App Store by the end of the day.


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Munster: Apple To Sell 21 Million iPads In 2011

Our favorite Wall Street analyst Gene Munster is back with a new prediction for 2011.  Not only has he raised his original prediction of iPad sales in 2011, but he’s also making a bold new claim.  The iPad will be on the brink of outselling the Mac next year!

He had previously thought that 14.5 million iPads would be sold next year, but now he’s calling for Apple to sell 21 million.  What’s the reasoning?  The growing expansion of the availability of the iPad, as well as the enterprise sector growing increasingly fond of it as well.

“We believe the iPad represents a meaningful product category for Apple as a secondary computing device for those who already have a primary computer, a primary device for those who could not previously afford a Mac, and the first Apple product that will be a success in the enterprise,” Munster writes.  “We see the iPad as the Mac for the masses.”

Other reasons factoring into his prediction: an increase of supply and an expansion of distribution channels, an international rollout and adoption in price-sensitive markets, and of course the uptick in the enterprise industry.

A presence increase of the device in retail stores is also believed to certainly help sales.

What else is on Munster-Vision?  He thinks Apple will control 94 percent of the worldwide tablet market in 2010, with about 10.7 million of the total 11.3 million tablet sales for the year.  Down the road, he also thinks that Android will be the main competition for the iPad, with the next 3.0 release, being coded “Gingerbread,” will be supporting tablets.

Target to Offer iPads Starting October 3

If you want an iPad, there’s a few ways to go about getting one: You can opt drive to the Apple Retail Store nearest you; less sociable tablet fanatics can navigate to Apple’s online retail portal and have one shipped to their front door, and for those lacking scruples or a sense of common decency, you can even wait for some one else to buy one before jumping them for it (no, we’re not condoning that sort of behavior.) If none of these methods for iPad procurement work for you, don’t fret: you’ll soon have a fourth option to pick from, as Target has announced that they’ll be offering up Apple’s netbook-eating darling starting October 3.

According to a press release issued by Target earlier today, the iPad in both it’s WiFi and WiFi+3G flavors will be available for purchase across the United States at the chain’s 1,743 locations, making the device more accessible to consumers than ever before. To make sure that you’ll be able to pimp your shiny new tablet out right, Target will also be carrying a selection of iPad accessories and iTunes Gift Cards. With iPad sales showing no sign of slowing down, it’ll be interesting to watch and see what having even wider retail saturation will do for the device’s popularity.

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Apple Aims to Make 3 Million iPads Per Month

Anyone in the tech world will tell you that the iPad is selling like hotcakes, which through an interesting bit of happenstance, has helped hotcake scientists to determine exactly how quickly the much-loved breakfast food end up in the bellies of consumers. OK, not really, but it’s safe to say that with Apple building two million iPads per month and no sign of the device’s sales diminishing, the iPad is pretty darned popular–so much so, that despite the massive numbers of the tablet being produced, up until recently there was still up to a five business day wait time between when an iPad is purchased from Apple’s online store to when consumers could expect it to ship. Apple did away with that issue by increasing the number of tablets it produced per month to two million. According to All Things D, Apple could be on the cusp of upping the number of tablets it demands from it suppliers per month once again.

The site also reports that Financial Analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley has stated that “Apple recently indicated to its suppliers a desire to move to 3 million per month in C4Q10.” Will that expedite shipping? Perhaps, but it’s pretty hard to improve upon a 24-hour ship time. More likely than not, Apple is expecting that the demand for their tablet, which is already great will be go entirely off the hook once the world’s thoughts turn towards hardcore gifting in the next few months. No doubt, news like that should be a welcome relief to folks with an Apple fanatic on their shopping list.