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Proview Founder Pleads iPad Trademark Case in the Media

Proview IPADIn a matter of weeks, Proview has gone from a company few have ever heard of to positioning themselves as a underdog in their iPad trademark battle against Apple Inc. Can this techno David take on Goliath and come out unscathed with their most valuable asset still intact?

On Tuesday, Reuters posted a fascinating interview with Yang Long-san, the Chinese founder of Proview. The company is currently battling Apple for trademark rights to the iPad name, which Proview argues were sold under fraudulent terms through a shell company only a month before Apple unveiled their market-leading tablet.

“Proview’s fortunes may currently be the polar opposite of Apple,” the report reveals. “One has creditors at the door and the other is the world’s most valuable listed company — but both illustrate how the fickle world of technology can make or break a company.”

After a successful run as a computer display maker, Proview got into the computer business in 1999 with a system they called the iPAD (Internet Personal Access Device), “a stripped-down PC, with a bulky CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor, a slow-ish chip and running a very basic version of Microsoft Windows.” (Coincidentally, Proview’s iPAD — shown above — bears a striking resemblance to the original iMac, which Apple first introduced a year earlier.)

More than a decade later, and Proview had mostly hit the skids — so when a company came calling in late 2008 seeking to buy the trademark to iPAD, attorneys drew up a deal and cashed a check for ,000. A month later, Apple introduced the iPad, and it became clear that Proview’s attorneys had cashed in their chips far too cheaply.

According to Yang, Proview didn’t sell all of its iPAD trademarks to Cupertino, which is at the heart of the current legal battles going on in China. “My biggest wish is to resolve all these frustrating problems and put them behind me,” Yang told Reuters via telephone. “If we can resolve all the problems we have now and I have a chance to make a comeback, I’d still want to overtake my old competitors.”

Whether the bankrupt Proview stands a chance against Apple remains to be seen, as the display maker brings their trademark battle to American shores, claiming they were essentially duped out of the iPAD trademarks. “I hope we can return to our glory days,” Yang says. “I’m sure our shareholders are hoping for the same.”

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6 Tips and Tricks for Using AirDrop – One of Lion’s cool new features is AirDrop, the service that lets you do computer-to-computer file transfers without cables or third party involvement. Ah, but you know what? That’s just its marquee features. There’s a few things under the surface we thought you’d like to know about.




How To Delete Gmail Messages in iOS – It seems like when we swipe across our messages in Gmail in the Mail app, we just get Archive all the time. How the heck can we just delete messages for once? Never fear, we gotcha covered.





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As the sunny summer winds down, rumor season winds up. We can’t say that enough. Expect it: fast, furious, leaks, photos (legit and ‘shopped), whispers, unnamed staffers, broken NDAs. It’s gonna get hot out there with a new iOS and likely a new handset to go with it. But, Apple’s always got a trick or two up its sleeve, so what else is cooking in the long slow sunny summer burn?




The Essential Guide to OS X Lion – So, did the biggest cat of all change everything? Welllll, yes and no. If you were to look at the OS on the surface, you’d see a few cosmetic changes,  but under the hood it’s all raw power and newness. So, what’s it all about? We’re not National Geographic, but we got up close and personal with this megakitty to give you the latest scoop, Mac|Life style.




RAM Off!: A Guide To Buying Mac Memory – More memory equals more power, and that’s pretty much the law of computers. But remember your Mac is a finicky beast and you may just want to have a gander at this indepth guide to how to pick up the best deals on RAM to be found anywhere. It’ll be like adding turbocharge power to your older machines.




McTiVia Wireless Mac-to-TV Connection Review – We love this as an idea, but when the manual said it worked better with cables, we wondered what the heck we were paying 0 for when we could just slap some HDMI cables to our Mac and run them to our TV. But, if you think rocking out the big big big screen without all that cable clutter is the way to go, then McTiVia is the way to go.


scrabble landscape


App Showdown: Scrabblish Games – Who doesn’t love a good word game? And who doesn’t like their iOS devices? And lastly, who isn’t on Facebook? With all three of these coming together, you can rock out the Scrabble or, if you so desire, you can kick it Words With Friends style. Which one lexicalizes the hardest? Let’s have a look see, shall we?




80 OS X Lion Features You May Have Overlooked – Remember all those features we were discussing up above? Well, we picked out 80 cool ones we think you might just miss in all the hullaballoo. 




How To Use Your iPhone as a Storage Device – It’s happened to all of us. You get to work or school and reach into your bag for that flash drive you saved all the files to and — boom — your mind’s eye rushes all the way along your commute, through your front door, into the computer room, and to the back of your desktop, where you left it plugged in. You know what you don’t forget to bring with you? Your iPhone. Here’s a slick little tip that’ll let you mac out your iOS devices as wireless flash drives. 



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port cords


Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, this sunny summer has been HOT. Blazing hot, steaming, scorching, and that’s before we even get into the weather. Yes, friends, Apple as a company has had just a tremendous year and a killer of a sunny summer. All of which is winding up for what? If you said a dynamite fall, you are on the money, honey. And if you don’t even know what I’m talking about, here’s a few clues, because there’s no “in case” about it, you definitely missed it.




The Perfect Apple Dorm Setup for Under ,000 – File this one under: you’ll love us for it. Getting that dorm room ready for fall semester can sometimes seem like a tedious process. Yes, you really do need a clothes iron and a laundry basket and hangers. But you know what else you can do? Hook up the sweetest Apple-centric dorm room for under a grand. Now you’re cookin!




Plugged In: A Guide to Mini DisplayPort Connections – Oh yeah, we went there: the sexy, sexy world of Mini DisplayPort connections in all their sensuous cabley hawtness. Okay, okay, maybe it’s not Apple’s most sizzling development, but the Mini DisplayPort is the unsung hero of many things Mac, and you should respect, people. Respect.




2.3GHz Core i5 Mac Mini & 1.6GHz Core i5 MacBook Air Review – So, Apple likes killing off old stuff, and this year was no exception as the faithful friend, the MacBook, took a dive. Don’t worry, you still have your MacBook Pros and your MacBook Airs. Apple just decided, as always, that it was time to put the laptops on a diet and start slimming things down. And it looks like they did the same with the latest Mac Mini, as the ongoing push against physical media kicks it up a  notch.


macbook air & mac mini


Notesy for Dropbox Review – The iPad is great for sitting down and dashing off a few ideas that you’ll want to really work over on your desktop, but ah nuts, ya left it at home and now what? Well, Pages might be pretty sweet, but if you forget to email yourself your copies, well, you’re still out of luck. While Notesy for Dropbox gives you easy access to your documents wherever you go.





How To Fix a Mac That Won’t Wake Up – Turns out a few of these new Lions are a bit on the lazy side. As in, they get themselves a good night’s rest, but then they don’t want to wake back up again. At all. Fear not, it’s just a few little things you need to tweak to get your big cat back up and purring again.





How To Manage Address Groups in iOS – Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if there were contract grouping of email addresses in iOS? That’d definitely make our lives a little easier than all the sitting there, typing part of the name, tapping the right name, typing part of the second person’s name, tapping the right choice there, typing part of the third person’s name — and oh my god make it stop! Luckily, There’s an App for That rides to the rescue again.




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As we move into the Dog Days of sunny summer it’s definitely easier to stay indoors and entertain yourself online than it is to go out in the humid sweatbox that is late July just about anywhere Stateside. Luckily, we gathered up all the news you missed when you were lying on your fainting couch fanning yourself with our back issues. We’re good to you like that.




Staying Put: The Case For Sticking With Mac OS X Snow Leopard – Early adopters are the front line in the ongoing battle for best Operating System, and it’s no joke that Lion brings a whole different kettle of fish to your Mac. There’s point zero release issues, compatibility with your older hardware, and a few pieces of software missing. The question you have to ask yourself is this: is it worth upgrading? The answer is…


snow leopards


App Store Showdown: Apple vs. Amazon – Apple did a great job of catching some software and providing links to it from their home page, but the Mac App Store really, really improved that experience. Seeing where the money was, Amazon jumped on this bandwagon with some serious Mac friendly offerings. The question is, which of these two portals gives you the best chance to grab some great new titles?




App Showdown: Craigslist Apps – Looking for some bargains IRL? Craigslist has definitely been a go-to site for years now for shoppers hunting for deals, but trying to use it on a mobile device is like a free kick in the teeth. Three app developers try to make the experience fun and a lot less kick-related. Who does the best job for the best price? 



July’s Highest Rated Reviews– If you love getting bite-sized pieces of enjoyment from us with all the best things we looked at in a month’s time, this is really a regular feature you’ll want to visit. We’ve got apps, games, gear, and more, and all of it comes with the Mac|Life kiss of greatness.




How to Track Your iPhone If It’s Stolen

– This one is important, people. Sooner or later, it may just happen to you. You leave your desk for a minute and some light fingered fellow makes off with your iPhone or your backpack (with your iPhone inside). In the old days, that was it for you and your phone. But Cupertino’s got your backs, provided you follow these easy-to-use instructions.


How To Use Your Apple ID in OS X Lion – Now that Lion’s rocking your hard drive, your Apple ID, last seen working on your iOS device or in iTunes is now a whole lot more important. Here’s how you can make that little email do a whole lot more work.



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Lion continues to dominate the news, like the king of the jungle that it is, and we continue to rock out hard with stories featuring this good beast. But that wasn’t all, by far, that happened this week, because there were some hardware refreshes, some how-tos that came out as a result of the new OS, and more, tons more, in case you  missed it.




How To Make OS X Lion More Like Snow Leopard – Change is good, keep telling yourself that, change is good. But while you’re waiting for change to be good for you specifically, now’s a good time to think about keeping your good old standbys and favorites. By which we mean, surely you liked some parts of Snow Leopard more than you like the new ways Lion tackles things. Well, if you shelled out the .99 but want your old familiar tricks back, here’s how you’re gonna do it.




13-Inch MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air: Which One Is Right For You? – Questions questions questions, all these questions. Sure, that MacBook Air is looking super light and almost a portable itself, but that MacBook Pro has juice to spare. What to do? Which one to choose? How can you decide? We give you a nice little apples to oranges comparison, let you see how they stack up, then we leave the ball in your court. We won’t make your decisions for you, but we will make your decisions a little easier.





How to Create a Signature and Sign a PDF With Preview – Lion brought with it a ton of sweet features that we can barely cram them all into one review, but here’s one we know people have been aching to have. As we move, inexorably, hopefully, toward a paperless office future, signing PDFs just got easier than ever. With Preview’s new signature feature, we think your future’s gonna be so bright, you’ll have to wear shades.


6 Lion Gestures You Can’t Live Without – With Lion came multitouch, those things you take for granted in your iOS device, those things that feel so natural there that you don’t even think about them when you do them. Well, when Lion brought these to the desktop, some we loved and some we took some getting used to. Here’s six that are killer that you simply need.




iVoxel Review – If you’re big on the Krautrock and want to bust out some killer Kraftwerk style jams, this app is just the ticket. Based on the Matrix vocoder that Kraftwerk uses themselves, this is your best possible “voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder.” With over 200 prerecordered tricks for your vocals and a smooth interface, this is one app that’s easy to use and access.




App Showdown: Instant Messengers – With eight million different chat protocols out there and all your friends insisting — insisting! — on using old, outdated ones that you can’t pry them away from, it’s good to know there are services that tackle this Tower of IM Babel with some style. But which one is the right one for you? Aha, that’s where it gets tricky.


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We doubt you could have missed this week’s release of Lion, even if you aren’t a early adopter who likes to jump in at the get-go. Oh, no, we’re sure you didn’t miss that. And who could have missed Netflix and the backlash? Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for users of both, plus a few other tasty treats just in case you missed it.



10 Ways To Kick The Netflix Habit and Never Look Back – I think a lot of people were looking for exactly this kind of article last week, after Netflix apparently decided they wanted to be hated with a single giant price hike. 



Living With Lion – Netflix stories have had their place this last week in the news cycle, so leave it to Apple to drive that big piece of business right off the tech front pages with the release of their brand new operating system. How does it measure up? What’s it like living with something brand spanking new under the hood? Well, editor Nic Vargus got in on the ground floor, and even better kept himself a little diary of what it was all about. Prepare yourself and get ready to learn, people.




How to Upgrade Your Time Capsule’s Hard Drive – We’re big fans of DIY action here at Mac|Life, so we thought this tutorial would be right up our readers’ alleys. Sure, you could fork over even more of your paycheck to Steve Jobs for the latest Time Capsule, but that strikes us as pricier — and less fun! — than getting out your tools and going to town on your old model.


pop 'er open


How to Burn a Lion Install DVD and Create Bootable Thumb Drive – Oh, Steve is going to love this one, gang. You know how he’s trying to wean us all off physical media, then you go and start figuring out how to make DVD back ups and thumb drive bootables. It’s almost like you haven’t come to trust in the power of the cloud yet. What’s that all about? Well, until you work on your trust issues, here’s how you do those things, just for you back up purposes, mind you.




App Showdown: Flash Browsers – Still in demand no matter how you slice it, Adobe’s Flash still makes up a significant portion of the benighted corners of the web where they haven’t heard of HTML5. While we wait for the light of truth, justice, and so on to come their way, we’ll have to make due with some Flash-y browsers that put a little of that old timey magic in the palms of our hands.




iCade Arcade Cabinet Review – How can something start off as a gag idea and be so awesome all at once? Well, it is. What started out as a ThinkGeek joke turned into the have to have item of the year (after the iPad and iPad 2 themselves). Love that old style gaming? Well, iCade is here to provide you with the small time feel of that old time gamery. You know you want to get your Donkey Kong on.



Comic-Con 2011: Dan Cooney Talks Customizing an iPad 2 Case

While the show floor was bustling all weekend, we made some time to stop by the booth of one of the artists who participated in our custom iPad 2 case giveaway, Dan Cooney. The author and artist of the graphic novel series Valentine, Cooney submitted a custom tricolor masterpiece to be given away to one lucky winner who stopped by our Future booth at Comic-Con. But when we received the case, along with three others from Mike Norton, Dennis Calero and Rob Guillory, we were really curious how he and the other artists managed to get any ink or paint to stick to the Incipio Feather iPad 2 case. So we asked him.

“Being that it’s plastic, my approach was to see if the pencil would work,” said Cooney. He wasn’t used to drawn on this kind of medium, so the gummy, matter feel of the Feather case definitely threw him for a loop. “I had to use a couple of things like sharpie pens, Microns and gauche.”


Dan Cooney, drawing at his booth on the Comic-Con show floor.

The white paint that you saw on the iPad 2 case a few galleries ago was not actually white out, but white gauche. “Gauche acrylics seem to work best and they were quick drying,” adds Cooney. “There were a lot of challenges, but it was really fun.” You can check out Dan Cooney’s art at his official website.



In Case You Missed It: July 10 – July 16



The week is truly and really at an end and no, kids, there was nary a Lion to be seen. So chalk up another bad call for the rumor mill. Will people remember this the next time they cry “wolf in Lion’s clothing”? Will they nothing. We’re creatures who crave novelty and anticipation and nothing we do will ever cure the rumor addiction. And so just in case you weren’t by your computer’s side 24/7 waiting for the biggest cat of all to go live, here’s a few stories you might just have missed.




How to Get Started with Spotify – It was undoubtedly the biggest news of the week. Spotify, long-lauded in Europe, was finally coming to America, then just like that it was here. What is it? How does it compare? And most importantly, how do we get started loving some of this app magic? Come see if your dreams came true.



How to Make the Switch to Google+ – Spotify wasn’t the only newbie on the block that people needed a little primer in how to go about using. Google+ is the new biggie in the hood for sharing and posting and finding great pictures and so forth. Will it last? Can it compete? We shall see, oh yes, we shall see. Meanwhile, here’s the “buzz” on Google+ (see what we did there?).




How to Backup and Download Your Facebook Photos – Don’t get caught in the big social media migration without backing up your precious photos. You’d hate to leave all those great shots you put in albums on Facebook to be as stranded as all the content you uploaded to MySpace and forgot about over the years, wouldn’t you? Well, let’s not only download our pix for posterity, just in case, but let’s also back them up for safety too. 



How to Use Crossover for Windows Browsing – We get it, believe us. We’re Mac users in a PC world and sometimes, sometimes there just isn’t an Apple-compatible solution to your problems. Sometimes, yes, you need Bill Gates. But who wants to shell out for a licensed copy of Windows for that once every six weeks need? Ah, but CrossOver might just be the cure for what ails ya.




Wow-Keys Keyboard Review – This had all the makings of genius awesome wowness. A keyboard that charges our iPhone and lets us swap back and forth between texting and typing is some kind of killer idea. But then it just kind of flopped for us.



Video App Showdown: Video Chatting – So many choices out there for your video chatting needs. Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Videocalling (powered by Skype), and Apple’s FaceTime. Which one really rocks the house down? Find out on the flip.



In Case You Missed It: July 3 – July 9


Holiday weeks tend to be slow just about everywhere, and news tends to creep a bit around this time. (If Apple had gone and released the iPhone 5 on the old sunny summer schedule, we’d all still be talking about it, but we’ll save that for autumn.) Which is not to say there weren’t things that went over pretty big this week, as soon you’ll see, since obviously you missed it.




Facebook Announces Skype Video Calling Partnership, Group Chat – In a long anticipated partnership with Skype, Facebook has finally brought sketchy quality video chatting to the masses. Not everyone had Skype or wanted an account with the VoIP legend, but even your grandma’s friends with Mark Zuckerburg. Now if they can just up the quality.





App Showdown: flickr Uploaders – flickr is still one of the dominant forces in photo uploading and sharing, but their app isn’t the best portal to get their on a mobile device. Luckily, the App Store lets third parties into the breach. 


SpotWorld Review – With mobile taking off big time and travel such a big part of modern life, it’s only natural that these two great tastes would taste great together. Except in this case, where SpotWorld, still pretty fresh on the market, only dishes up a small slice of locations and only the biggest ticket items there (ever heard of a little attraction New York calls “the Empire State Building”?). 




How to Use FileVault to Protect Your Data – Let us not be coy about this. You have stuff on your computer you don’t want people seeing. Whether those are your-eyes-only pictures from that very special someone or just your before and after surgery pictures, we’re not here to judge. We are here to say that basic lockdown techniques fall short when dedicated pros get their hands on your machine. What we have on offer is a way to lock it down so even the Geniuses have to walk away.



How to Keep a Neater House Using iOS – Based on how this article’s getting shared around the digital campfire, we can only surmise that our readers’ homes are filthy dens of clutter, soiled laundry, stacks of dishes, and relatives who refuse to lift a finger to help out. Sound like your house — only cleaner? Well then,  SpeedTask is here to make everything better.