Nokia Shows Off Bravado…By Slamming Apple


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Nokia’s been through their ups and downs throughout the past year.  And what better way to get back in the game then by slamming your competition?  “We’re not going to apologize for the fact that we’re not Apple or Google or anybody else – we’re Nokia and we’re unique,” said markets EVP Niklas Savander. 

Nokia brass opened their annual Nokia World Show Tuesday morning in London with a pep talk of sorts, and had choice words for their various competitors, including Apple.

“Nokia’s going through a tough, challenging transition and we have a LOT more work to do.  But we have laid the foundation for success,” said Savander.

He then took to slamming Apple’s Scott Forstall for taking a bit out of Nokia’s corporate slogan: “Connecting People is more than just a feel-good tagline – it’s our mission.”  Savander then took to grabbing a Steve Jobs catchphrase and slamming the iPhone at the same time.

“One more thing,” he said, before speaking about Nokia’s new N8 device: “They perform – day in, day out – no matter how you hold them.”

“In the past quarter, people bought far more Nokia phones than Apple and Android combined.  On average, people buy 260,000 new Nokia smartphones every day – that’s more smartphone sales than any other company by far – period.” 

Apple wasn’t the only company in Savander’s crosshairs:

“Contrary to popular perception, Nokia – not Google – is the leader in mobile navigation, functionality quality and arch.  Ovi Maps is far, far less hungry than the Google service.  Why?  Because it’s optimized for mobile use.”  He also claimed that Ovi Maps provides walking navigation that Google Maps does not.

In looking to the future on location sharing, Savander stated that over 800 million people will use GPS-enable phones by 2013.  “Soon, everything on the internet will have a location coordinate – it is a space that we intend to OWN.”

EVP Ansi Vanjoki, got warm applause after announcing his resignation on Monday, also made a bold claim: “The reality is that Nokia invented the smartphone.”

With that, what do you think about Nokia’s comments readers?  Pretty bold claims?  Truthful statements?  Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below!

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