New Trailer for Infinity Blade Hits the Internet

After seeing it in action months ago at an Apple press conference, more than a million people downloaded “Epic Citadel,” the skeleton of an app that, until recently, has had no name and no release date. Since the announcement we’ve seen demos, pictures, and even heard an ambiguous release day (Holiday 2010). But now, the cherry on top of our App flavored double scoop: ChAIR Entertainment has just released a trailer. The verdict? You tell us.

Infinity Blade is the first app to utilize the Unreal Engine (Mass Effect, Gears of War, 50 Cent Blood in the Sand) and is easily the most gorgeous app we’ve seen. Infinity Blade will be released sometime in the coming months and features Game Center Integration and an early update will bring a fully integrated multiplayer mode in. We’ll keep you updated as new information rolls in.

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