New Apple TV Product Rumored to Include Netflix

As Apple’s Music Event draws ever closer,  the rumors of some new-fangled hotness that runs off of children’s dreams and unicorn tears have been ramping up to a fevered pitch. With the event less than 24 hours away, even the most trusted of newsources are finding it hard to resist putting in their two bits about what will spill out of Apple’s magic bag on Wednesday. 

This afternoon, a story appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek that Apple is most certainly going to be announcing a replacement for its aging Apple TV platform. Better still, the new platform will–as has been mentioned by various sources in the past–cost consumers and incorporate an onboard Netflix integration.

Just to play it safe, the article also mentions that a reimagined version of iTunes will be unvield, as well as a swank new iPod touch boasting a higher resolution screen akin to that seen on the iPhone 4.

As most of you already know by now, such fables should be taken with a grain of salt. Until Steve Jobs and company let the cat out of the bag at tomorrow’s event, there’s no telling what new delights will be disclosed.


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