Macs A Growing Favorite Of Government And Military

At one time or another, everyone who putters about with a Mac computer has muttered the phrase “it just works” under their breath. the reliability and durability of Apple’s hardware acted as the company’s calling cared for years before the iPhone or iPod made the scene. Consumers and professionals around the world understand and rely upon this truth on a daily basis, confidently plowing through home computer and strict work deadlines without fear of crashes, freezes or other world-stopping errors. Whether balancing your checkbook, editing video or designing missiles, a Mac computer is the way to go.

Yeah, that’s right: Designing missiles.

It’s a little known fact that Apple’s desktop and server hardware has been relied upon for years to command, create and control some of the American government’s most vital technological assets. Deployed by a number of agencies, Mac computers have been known help NASA render the surface of far away asteroids, host the official web presence of the U.S. Army, and help to educate the soldiers of the Texas Air Nation Guard before being deployed to Iraq. If you’ve got a few minutes to scan a single page that could lead to hours of in-depth reading later, MacDirectory plays host to an excellent gateway of instances where Apple technology has been deployed by the American government in the defense of this great nation. With a history of federal Mac computer use spanning back to 1989, a visit to the page is sure to see you stumbling across at least one fact you weren’t aware of. So, navigate on over–it’s some fascinating stuff.


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