MacBook Air Supply Dwindling

All right, everyone out there that’s already rocking a MacBook Air raise your hands. Right. Now, everyone planning on purchasing a MacBook Air in the near future, lets see a show of hands please. Okay then… not that many of you, eh? Still, for those of you that are willing to pay a premium for a smidge more portability than that you could be enjoying with either a 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro, we’ve got a tidbit that might be of interest to you: Supplies of the sliver-thin ultra-portable are dwindling at a number of normally well-stocked vendors, such as Amazon, MacMall and MacConnection.

What does it all mean?

Traditionally where Apple’s concerned, a reduction of the number of units available to vendors has pointed to one of two things: Either Apple’s having issues with their suppliers and can’t meet the consumer demand for a given product, or they’re looking to either discontinue or refresh a product line. In this case, we’re betting that with it being October, the sudden scarcity of MacBook Air laptops means that Cupertino’s line of svelte underpowered beauties, will most likely be seeing a bit of an overhaul just in time for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season. It wouldn’t be the first time that Steve Jobs and company have unleashed new toys on us at this time of year. In 2009, we were greeted with news of Apple’s unibody manufacturing technology. Similarly, a year before that, Apple also held a mid-October event to announce the impending arrival of their latest updates to the MacBook line.

Perhaps in the days to come, we’ll find out whether or not the rumors of Apple’s desire to trim down the MacBook Air’s screen to a diminutive 11.6-inch size are true or not. Despite Steve Jobs’ disdain for netbooks, reducing the size of the MacBook Air’s screen real estate could make good sense for Apple. By offering a laptop with a smaller profile that boast the same unibody technology as the rest of their laptops, the Cupertino-based company might well find a niche for those that need the power of a Mac and the size size of a low-rent PC netbook.

If this turns out to be the case, let’s hope that it does at least one thing well.



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