Love Your Mac? You’re Not Alone

Mac vs. PC customer satisfaction chart
(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

You might have mixed feelings about the Mac, but the underdog system has often been favored by many computer users. Customer satisfaction with Apple’s computers has been on the rise for years as well, and recently hit a new high.

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple has hit a new high in customer satisfaction with their Mac computers, according to the results of a new American Customer Satisfaction survey. Apple ranked 78 out of 100 for the past 12 months, which was up three points from last year.

As you can see from the chart above, customer satisfaction for Apple’s systems was at an all-time low when the iMac was first introduced in 1998, which quickly turned things around and has kept Cupertino mostly riding high ever since.

“The biggest asset Apple has had for a long time is its commitment to innovation,” American Consumer Satisfaction Index managing director David VanAmburg told CNNMoney.

Apparently, it’s not only Apple who’s wowing customers — PC makers HP, Dell, Acer and others also scored higher ratings for 2010 than they did in 2009, nearly tying with a satisfaction rating of 77 out of 100.

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