It's Game On for Quake 3 Arena on Jailbroken iPads

Wireless syncing, applications that turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot, Facetime calls over 3G–when it comes to rocking an iPhone, it seems that jailbreakers get to have all the fun. As of this morning, iOS device users that have opted not to tinker with their Apple devices have another reason to pout with word reaching us that jailbroken iPads will soon be able to play a very pretty-looking version of Quake 3 Arena.

According to Gizmodo, developer Alexander Pick has been busying putting together a very playable version of Quake 3 Arena that runs circles around the glitch-filled iPhone version a few years back. Pick’s port of the game supports 1024×768 graphics, iTunes integration for file sharing (which is awesome news if the game supports anything resembling mods or skins), a downloadable high resolution texture pack and onscreen movement controls. As we speak, Pick is looking for a method of allowing access to a Bluetooth keyboard so that your Quake 3 Arena fueled frag-fest will be all that and a bag of potato chips.

If all goes according to plan, Alexander Pick’s work up of Quake 3 Arena should be available via the Cydia App Store by the end of the day.


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