iPhone Developers UK

We are iPhone and iPad developers based within in the UK.
As a result of iPhone applications, many businesses/organisations have rapidly improved their brand awareness and have seen an increase in product and service sales revenue.  Furthermore, individuals have earned large amounts of revenue from a single “one hit wonder” application for the iPhone.
The iPhone is a mobile platform which has an excellent software development kit (SDK) available for developers to hardness the functionality of the iPhone such as; the multi-touch interface, the accelerometer and an always-on internet connection.  Functions within the SDK can be integrated into applications to suit a variety of the needs of the customer.
However, given that the iPhone is not as physically capable as a desktop or laptop computer, careful considerations need to be made due to the limited memory size, small screen size and the internet connection speed.
Our application developers are able to deliver superior quality applications through:
  • Usage of proven software development methodologies and testing techniques
  • Careful and well considered use of the iPhone SDK
  • Profound knowledge of the underlying iPhone architecture
  • First class user interface design (subjected to usability testing)
  • Understanding of efficiency and profiling tools to create efficient applications
  • Advanced usage of the iPhone SDK, including; multi-touch, accelerometer, proximity sensor, Camera, Localisation, Google Maps, Push/InApp purchasing and Animation/Audio facilities
  • iAd: Apples own advertising system
According to Apple (2010), there are close to 100 million devices running the iPhone Operating System software today, meaning that the decision to develop an iPhone application is certainly the right direction for you or your business.  Furthermore, the iPad is soon to hit the United Kingdom and iPhoneConnection is ready to develop applications for our customers.
We offer bespoke iPhone development for all different purposes, some examples categories may include:
  • Entertainment and Gaming
  • Social Networking
  • Business Applications
  • Shopping and eCommerce
  • News
  • Business and Finance
iPhoneConnection are part of the Apple Developer Program and are licensed to develop iPhone and iPad applications with first class tools provided by Apple.
If you would like to discuss your ideas, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.  We are iPhone developers based within the UK are we are able to offer our services throughout the United Kingdom.