In Case You Missed It: Sep. 5 – Sep. 11

Well, once again, it was kind of slow iPhone news week, as iPods iPods iPods were all the rage (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!), but it’s not like no one was talking about it, especially with the new SDK rules that rolled out. Flash on the iPhone? Well, not really, but sorta yeah, if you count apps made in Flash being legit all over again. Thanks, FTC!


Is the iOS SDK Killing Creativity? – We all know that Apple can be a rather demanding, pushy partner. The App Store is literally littered with the broken dreams of developers who were too this or too that for Cupertino. Now some App Store developers are saying it’s worse than that. They claim the iOS SDK limits what they can really do.


How To Add Additional Email Accounts to Game Center So Your Friends Can Find You – Multiple inboxes are a lovely way to compartmentalize your life, but it’d be nice if you could sometimes bring those strands together. LIke for gaming, for instance. Did you get hooked up with Game Center, but now your boss is breathing down your neck for not adding him? Brings your multiple identities into one fragging killing machine with a little help from the Mac|Life game-squad.

iPhone 4 HDR Photgraphy Tips – HDR on the iPhone 4 can really make your pictures sing, so much so we even put up a Flickr page of some of our best shots and some submissions for readers. Here’s how to set it up and how to make staff editors lose their hands through camera magic.
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Eternal Storms Flickery Review – Don’t get us wrong, we loves us our Flickr, but the interface is a bit cluttery and it can take forever to load stuff and if you’re a shutterbug with a penchant for sharing, you just don’t have the time. Flickery sports a price tag under twenty bucks and brings the familiar iTunes/iPhoto menu layout to your photo interface, as well as some rudimentary editing powers. An all-around better experience than Flickr is our bottom line here, people.

August’s Highest Rated Reviews – Get ’em while they’re still hot and fresh from last month. That’s right, all our top-rated gear, gadgets, and groovy software in one easy to find place. Miss something during the month that is too good to pass up. Yeah, you’ll find that here.


Don’t think, like those redonkulous types in Redmond, that their new mobile OS and handset are going to kill the iPhone any time soon…no, the iPhone will be with us a bit longer, but you know what won’t? the Free Bumper hook up, so if you’re planning to get one, go get two…plus, now that the iPhone 4 has been approved in China, we think we might just see a bit of a jump in sales…you know why we’re so sure the iPhone isn’t dead? Because they’re making that thing bulletproof, yo, so Bill Gates is gonna have to do more than pop a few caps at our beloved handset…this certainly isn’t going to be the nail in Apple’s mobile coffin anytime soon, and we’ll make book for anyone who cares to quibble with that finding…but if you have a 3G model, popping caps is something you won’t be doing, at least not in the Game Center…I guess we won’t be putting our iPhone 3Gs here either, since the lens is a bit subpar, as is the lack of HDR, but it’d still look pretty sweet…and it looks like Flash-built apps are a go once again in the App Store Review Guidelines… probably as a result of Steve Jobs feeling the hot breath of the FTC right down his neck…what does it all mean? Let’s see what everyone’s favorite Daring Fireball had to say…all right, we were wrong, it wasn’t that bad a week for iPhone news, but nothing like the iPod line.

And while everyone’s talking how the new touch models will be getting FaceTime like the iPhone 4, they also pick up the vibration action…but we’re thinking that these slick new features might bump up sales of the currently most popular mp3 player out there….or maybe this might just bust the iPod touch clear through the roof, a sleeve that turns your WiFi only player into a 3G cell phone; no, we’re not kidding…what about the rest of the line, you ask; well, how about these beauty shots of the new shuffle getting unboxed…and while you might not be able to watch videos on the nano anymore, you can at least watch slideshows on your TV, as if that made up for it…and if the lack of video playback angers you, then enjoy these pictures of the snazzy device being taken apart all the way down to the bits and bytes…or at the very least, you could use your nano as a watch, if an uberchunky wrist is what you’re going for, one with a cord sticking out of it. Wait, we see a use now! If only we were still in high school…


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