In Case You Missed It: Oct. 31 – Nov. 6

Where we live, it snowed this weekend. Then while we were out at the mall, Christmas music started to play. Can it be that time already? Seriously? Does the march to the holidays start without our wanting it? Alas, ’tis so. At least you have Mac|Life to keep you warm and safe from little drummer boys.


The Five New Features of Skype 5.0 – When Skype updated their Windows software, we were just twiddling our thumbs waiting around for the Mac version that was sure to follow. Well, that day finally came around and the new beta gives the old thing more than just a new coat of paint. Always wanted some group calling action? Yeah, baby, it’s in there. And so much more.

suit chart
14 Great Tips and Tricks for Utilizing Google Voice – Let’s just call it the week we looked at VoIP, because we have some Google Voice tips that will swing for the fences and make you the power hitter of this power service.


10 Cool Tips and Tricks for GarageBand 11 – Last week we gave you a little iLove in the form of some serious tips and tricks for iPhoto and iMovie. This week, you’ll be getting your jam on with these boss tips on how to rock out with your — ahem — Mac out. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

How To Make a Holiday Card in iPhoto ’11 – And while we covered iPhoto pretty well last week, ’tis the season soon enough, so you might just want to bookmark this one or get crackin’ on your holiday cards this week. Here’s how to do it. Don’t say we never put anything good in your stocking. Ho ho ho.


Left 4 Dead 2 Review – Zombies. First person shooter. Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2. Do we really need to spell it out for you? Yeah, didn’t think so.

October’s Highest Rated Reviews – We round up the cream of October’s autumnal crop of reviews and only bring you the best of the best in our monthly basket of love. A big month of Apple releases including — wait, really? A double A battery charger? How ’bout that?


Well, it was Daylight Savings Time weekend. Did those of you stateside who use your phone for an alarm clock have any issues like those in Europe last week?…if only there were an app for that. Oh well, at least there’s this fun little video from Sesame Street letting you learn just what kind of things there IS an app for…you know what there is an for, by the by? Recording HD video on your 3G S. Ya gotta jailbreak, but if you’re a budding mobile DeMille, this could be your ticket…of course, if you’re more a consumer than a creator of films, you may want to grab VLC while it’s still at the App Store. Heck, you may want to grab it even if you think you might someday want to use it, since it could be gone tomorrow…meanwhile, in app update news, Facebook hit us up with an update to their iPhone iteration bringing Groups to mobile devices…know what else came to iOS land? Google Instant, that at-first annoyance that now seems intuitively perfect. How’d it do on the iPhone screen? We’ll let you judge that for yourself…what isn’t up for debate was how well Skyfire did at the App Store. The handy little app converted Flash into HTML 5 and sold like hotcakes, burning down the servers…something else we expect to sell really well? How about the iPhone at Target. You may live in a small town miles from an Apple store, but how far away is the nearest target? Yeah, we thought so…and finally, with the latest Skype beta hitting the internets this week, we thought we’d hook you up with chatting chatting chatting in our free app Friday. Go get ’em, tigers.

So what else is big news out there? How about lawsuits? We all love a good lawsuit story. Well, for starters, Apple’s legal team forced HyperMac to rebrand as HyperJuice and drop the Mac from their name…Apple sued Motorola over patents which is the big emerging lawsuit field these days…a 3G user sticks it to Apple on sticking it to us with the iOS 4.X updates that pretty much tank your older model handset…the International Trade Commission (ITC) sided with Nokia over Apple in yet another mobile manufacturer patent based lawsuit….and after a while it gets harder and harder to remember who’s suing whom and why. Well, gosh darn it, that’s what charts were made for, and this one is a doozy.


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