In Case You Missed It: Oct. 3 – Oct. 9

It’s the TV wars, but you know what? It’s a repeat of the phone wars we’ve been seeing for some time. Google has decided to forge ahead into realms Apple pioneered. Who will come out on top? Competition is good for the market and for the consumer, so let’s see some innovating.


Dude, Where’s My iCar? – iPhone and iPod Integreation in Today’s Cars – Sure, Steve Jobs doesn’t have a glimmer in his eye to get into making cars, but the iPhone and iPod have become so ubiquitous that automakers have planned around them. Check out these slick integrations when you think about your next vehicle.

Think You Own That Software? Think Again – This sounds like a job for the Library of Congress to decide upon in the interests of fairness. Because apparently the Ninth Circuit court has decided that, unlike buying a tangible physical object, buying digital media only conveys license rights, not ownership. What a pile of suck that news is.

app time baby


Apple iPod shuffle, nano & touch Reviews – Every year Apple breaks out the new iPod goodies and this year was no different, forcing upon you the choice of upgrading or sticking with your trusty, aged devices. Let’s take a closer look at some of those choices, shall we?

Timbuk2 Scuba Sleeve Review – Love your iPad? Love the beautiful streets of San Francisco? Then you’re going to love this stylish iPad sleeve from Timbuk2. Live in other cities? Yeah, well, maybe you’ll get some of the goods soon…


Office Games: iTunes Chicken – Control Your Co-Workers’ Playlists – There are office games and then there are office games of shame and hilarity. This one definitely falls into the latter category. We’ve all got them, hidden in the thousands of songs in our iTunes library, tracks we’d rather just as soon have forgotten. Bwahahahahaha. That’s where the fun starts!

How To Use Facebook’s New Facial Recognition and Batch Tagging Features – Why does Facebook getting facial recognition creep us out a bit? Is it because Zuckerberg is always trying to get more information out of us in unpleasantly invasive fashions? Well, if that’s your speed, here’s how to do the job of tagging your friends the right way.


You know it, we know it, but do you know just how much your iPhone can improve your day? Well, we’ve got at least 40 biggies…one definite way, improving on something in the previous article, is that the Netflix app now supports video out, turning your iPhone into a Netflix box on the go…speaking of video, Apple’s got a new ad out touting Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and no wonder; have you seen this beautiful imaging?…now if we could just get a Verizon model, in the latest installment of the rumor that would not die…of course, Verizon says that any news on this front will come direct from Apple and not from them, so we wait, and we wait, and we wait…one thing we’ll be glad to see and not have to wait around for much longer? iPhone integration with our car; off to the dealer’s we go.


Now that Oprah’s been showing off her iPad, we can expect sales to kick it up a  notch…after all, in the realm of rapid adoption, the iPad rules the roost, crushing even the DVD player…and Best Buy isn’t the only place that’s stocking the have-to-have item of the year…and soon it’ll be available in every small town in America that sports a Wal-Mart…which is good news for kids going off to , because iPad literacy classes are coming to a school near you…and if you are in school rocking the iPad and can’t wait for AirPrint in November, Printer Pro has got you covered.


Apple TV or Google TV? Well, even Apple fans that we are, we have to admit that Google TV’s promo makes it look super sweet, and competition is good, right?…because Apple TV can theoretically run apps, and the Apple App Store is definitely millions of times better than the competitors’, this is where the focus needs to be…because even with this glitch that makes rentals last longer than the 24 hours they were supposed to, rentals aren’t where the competition is at…and how did Apple manage to cut the price of Apple TV so drastically? Well, according to iSuppli, by cutting the cost of the materials inside by 75%…they definitely saved some money not making one of these behemoth remotes you need six hands to use effectively; jeepers…and that price point is definitely making it easier to buy, as people are snatching it up as soon as it hits the stores.


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