In Case You Missed It: Oct. 17 – Oct 23


Whew! Another week another gangbuster series of announcements and news for Apple. It’s an amazing run and it doesn’t look like it’s planning to stop any time soon. So let’s all stand back and hear Cupertino roar.




7 FaceTime for Mac Tips, Tricks, and Features – With FaceTime for the Mac arriving in its beta, we wonder what this holds in store for iChat. Until that’s resolved, here’s seven tips to setting up and using FaceTime on your Mac that’ll soon having you video chatting in no time.

OS X Updates We Might See At Back to the Mac Event – Before Apple held their Back to the Mac event, we made a few predictions about what would happen on that day. Check out our accuracy. Not too shabby, eh? Not too shabby at all.

apple lion


How To Create a Security Cam with FaceTime for Mac and AppleScript – We didn’t include this in the 7 tips up above since it’s a bit advanced, but you can make your Mac be your security camera with a little work and an iPhone 4.

iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week – Tweaking Safari and Utilizing iBooks – One of our most popular weekly features, we round up some of the secret tips to make your iDevice experience the best possible. This week includes iBooks.




First Look: 11.6-inch, 1.4GHz MacBook Air – You didn’t think we were gonna let the week go by without giving you a look at the new MacBook Air did you? Ha, sillies, of course we wouldn’t. And believe us, this baby is the sweetness.

21.5-inch Core i3 iMacs Reviewed – Not to be outdone by their little cousins, the new i3 iMacs pack a whole lot of awesome into their hardware and software. There’s tons more storage and tons more speed, and while it’s going to cost a bit more for some of that, believe us when we tell you it’s worth it.




The big news of the week obviously was the Back to the Mac event with the announcement of OS X Lion 10.7, so first we give you the roundup summation…and now the break down into pieces…for instance, first the Apple Store site went down as usual…then Tim Cook took to the stage to give us the State of the Mac, and who’d know better than the COO…we got iLife ’11 with full screen iPhoto…then iMovie ’11 rolls out with Movie Trailers mode and more…toss on Garage Band ’11 with more amps, more effects, more groove matching…then, as you know by now, FaceTime for Mac’s beta stepped on to the stage and sucked up all the attention…but wait, there’s more, with the announcement of Lion for OS X with all kinds of iOS features added in for amazingness…and there was, of course, FaceTime for Mac beta hitting the site…and finally, Apple put the first nail in the coffin of optical memory with the MacBook Air ditching that and HDD for solid state drive speed and convenience. Overall, we’d say a big day.

So that was Mac’s news, what about everyone else? Anything new worth mentioning Out in the rest of the tech world. Why yes, of course. Electronic Arts just dropped a huge Mil to pick up Angry Birds’ maker Chillingo…GameSalad changed their licensing agreement with publishers and might just see huge mass exodus of developers…as far as gaming goes, Aspyr announced that Civilization V is coming to Macs…probably hot on the heals of announcements like Steam kicking butt and taking names on the Apple platform, how could they not?…like getting stuff done and keeping track of all your ideas, notes, sites, etc.? Well, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a new Yojimbo in town, plus his little brother Yojimbo for the iPad…and if you are big into movie editing on your Mac, you’ll be thrilled at what’s coming down the pike with Adobe Premiere Elements 9…speaking of video, it looks like the hacker community rolled out the jailbreak for Apple TV…speaking of breaks, it looks like FaceTime for Mac breaks some serious security issues with putting all your stuff right up there on the screen.





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