In Case You Missed It: Nov. 7 – Nov. 13

Way to get our hopes up then crush us as usual, rumor mill. Here we were, our iOS devices with their backups ready to download some 4.2 multitasking on our iPads and more. Heck, we even hear there’s some more performance enhancing kicks for we sad 3G owners. And then Friday came and went and … nothing. Well, here’s a taste of what happened while we waited patiently aboard the good ship S.S. Mac|Life.


Six Mac Web Browsers: How Do They Stack Up? – That’s right. We went there. We looked at the six top browsers for Macs (or at least five and a newsmaking up and comer) and we peered under the hoods, kicked the tires, laid out our pros and our cons. What do you use? And are you at all interested in RockMelt? (Sounds like a Chrome version of Flock to us.)

The Best Free Mac and iOS Apps – Okay, this one is huge, we mean humongousaramamegazoid. Or something. Seriously, though, if you skip everything else in this round-up and go straight to this article, you will not regret it for a single second of your life. Who doesn’t love their Apples? And who doesn’t love free? Well, we got it for ya, kids, we got your best top freebies.


AblePlanet NC300 Review – Like messenger bags, winter hats, and so many other things, the search for the ideal headphones that hit that form factor, price range, coolness appeal, and hip look is a never-ending quest. AblePlanet’s got some nice noise reducers at half the price of Bose’s, but if you like bass for your face (and who don’t?), then do your due diligence and research.

Puzzle Agent Review – Leave it to our modern age to come up with a video game dedicated to discovering why industry is dying in an American town. Telltale’s Puzzle Agent is a clever twist on the fish-out-of-water detective story in game fashion, but some of the puzzlers can be tedious instead of engaging, though that’s not because of their logic base.


How To Sync All the iTunes Libraries In Your House – As our ever-increasingly digital and multi-profiled lives continue to accrue songs, images, films, podcasts, TV shows, and on and on and on, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get that one track off that one album that’s on that one computer? Heck yeah it would. Here’s a solution that is a little time-consuming in the set-up, but say goodbye to whipping out the flash drive every time you want to get your hands on something.

How To Make Safari Work Like RockMelt – We briefly mentioned RockMelt up above as the fast rising story in the tech blogosphere. The question is, is it really a necessity? Essentially, it’s Google’s Chrome with a few extensions, and since Chrome and Safari are both WebKit joints, we thought a tutorial in how to make your Apple browser your social browser too — without waiting for an invite.


It was coming! It was coming! At long last iOS 4.2, the universal iOS that would marry your iPhone, your iPad, your Apple TV, and your iMac in an unstoppable connectivity juggernaut of awesome and it was going to be joined by Mac OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 101… and then we got Mac OS X… and then we got iTunes… but somehow iOS didn’t show up… rumors had actually started a little earlier that Wi-Fi was going to be a hang up… and that was that. True to Apple form, there had never been an announced date for iOS 4.2, there had only been rumors, and there would be no confirmation…meanwhile, Verizon’s getting into the iPad game with this commercial touting the marriage of Apple’s beauty with the wonderfulness of their MiFi…and you may not necessarily need iOS 4.2 and its attendant Wi-Fi issues, if you’re a doctor, that is, like the medicos in Australia who find the tablet just what the doctor ordered…for those of us not sporting land down under MDs, the least we can do is offer you this huge place to play as The Incident gamers will soon be moving from the iPad to the screen size of their choice with the direct connect to their big screen TV.

You know what? If your ringtone automatically shifts to Rockwell for no good reason, you might just want to do a factory restore. It’s quiet, it runs in the background, it doesn’t even have an icon — Mobile Spy is watching you on your iPhone and doesn’t even have Michael Jackson announcing it…someone who is watching something? Cupertino, who, to the background of rumors about yet another class action lawsuit suddenly got all very uptightish about third party slide-on cases….which is odd next to this story that we dropped about SquareTrade, a warranty company, who rated the iPhone 4 as most reliable handset on the market (non-glass-damage situations only)…you can’t fake a good phone, but you know what you can fake? FourSquare check-ins; just jailbreak and add this app, and you’ll soon be mayor of the nearby strip club as well as the funeral parlor, just like your mama wanted…at least while you’re there, take some sweet pix with the help of GorillaMobile, the tripod that makes others look square…know what else makes the competition look weak? SkyFire with its Flash to HTML 5 conversion iPhone sweetness; that’s right, you got Jon Stewart on your iPhone…

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