In Case You Missed It: Aug. 29 – Sep. 4

Well, what do you think? Did Apple’s Annual Music Event live up to your expectations? The iPod touch refresh did for us, but what about Apple TV? And iTunes 10. What about that? There are some things to like, some things to not like so very much, and ways to fix a few things you liked better in version 9. As always, Mac|Life has it covered.


First Look: Apple TV – Look closely if you want to see this one, since Apple TV’s gotten teeny tiny. It fits in the palm of your hand, which really would have been handy if it had gotten its own App Store and games, but fear not, Cupertino has packed it full of goodness. What else would you have expected? We got a first look and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

First Look: New iPods – We also got our hands on the new iPods, and the nano and the shuffle are super cute. The easy navigating screen on the nano has all the similar qualities of the touch or the iPhone. Speaking of the iPod touch, the new version brings some of that iPhone 4 sweetness to the mix with FaceTime, front and rear facing cameras, and the beautiful Retina Display. Heck, we could go on and on, so just go read the article, already.


Counter-Strike: Source Review – At long last. Can you believe there were people who actually bought a Windows machine just so they could play this? No, we can’t either — we might have even made that up. But now that Valve’s Steam has brought it to your Mac, you can get all your killing and being killed that you can handle. What’s not to love?

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Review – Sure, some people still take notes with paper and pen, as 20th century as that sounds. Livescribe presses the fast-forward on this old school habit and brings “smart” to the pen set. Of course, you still have to buy their special paper, but there are apps to download (to a pen!). Once the Mac version of Livescribe’s Desktop is up to par with the Windows version, in a update hopefully, this could be a serious go-to for note taking.


24 iTunes 10 Tips, Tricks and Features – We’re tinkerers. It’s in our DNA. So you had to know that within hours of it being released, we’d poked, prodded, and probed the inner depths of iTunes 10, finding as many new gizmos and limitations to the new software as we could. And, as usual, we brought them here for you.

How to Use Put Back to Save the Day – The worst part about accidentally sending something to the Trash is getting it back to where it used to belong. Dragging and dropping is all fine and good, unless your original file location is nested within seven hosting folders. The Put Back option sends your files back where they belong.


Even with the sweet new iPod line set to roll out, it appears that retailers are still having trouble keeping iPhone 4s in stock…which makes us wonder what to make of this rumor from Mexico that all the models released after September 30th will have the antenna issues fixed…if so, be still our beating hearts, just not so still we can’t hear them with our iStethoscopes (UPDATED: apparently the free version’s been pulled from the App Store)…in other international news, China Unicom is now offering in-store jailbreaking when you buy your iPhone; now that’s what we call service…and since it’s another slow week in iPhone news, roll that beautiful government held FCC iPod footage…and when it hits the market, it will come with iOS 4.1, which is packed full of what iPhone users are going to love…which will still not include Flash, and for good reason, as Android rolled it out just recently to the sound of le sucke

Of course, you already know it, but just in case you couldn’t make bail or were stuck in a liferaft miles from shore and a working 3G tower, we rolled out a smooth little app of our own…speaking of the ultra-cool Mac|Life app, you might have noticed, ahem, that that little piece of fantastic shot right up to number one with a bullet in the App Store…we are quite proud of it, even if we are one of 250,000 apps in the store…and in the speed category, looks like there might be something to those Intel Inside rumors about the iPad, as the company picked up Infineon, maker of the iPhone 4’s baseband chip…and according to the CEO of Intel, Steve’s pretty happy about this deal, so expect to see a super chip in the next iPad…at the very least, expect to see the multitasking in November as iOS 4.2 for the iPad rolls out…even sooner you can expect also to see some hardcore gaming next week when Chinatown Wars HD hits the App Store…but you can tuck away your iPad to look all corporate instead of gangbanging with this particular case…and maybe these iPad thingamajigs will finally be easier to get a hold of now that Apple plans to make 3 million a month.

And since iTunes 10 is out with all kinds of changes, it wouldn’t be an all star In Case You Missed It without news of that kind, like for starters, how to change the iTunes 10 logo (which nearly everyone hates) back to the old familiar…and by nearly everyone, we obviously don’t mean Steve and Cupertino…sure to be hated by the same people who don’t like the new logo and maybe even more, is iTunes’ option to make ringtones…the biggest new thing in iTunes, is, of course, Apple’s Ping service, yet another social network; we’re still kinda on the fence about it, some of us…but we will tell you who does love the new iTunes and Ping pretty hard: scammers. They want you to have a “free” iPhone…could that be why Facebook maybe blocked Ping? Or did they?…Steve has a few things to say about Faceborg…so what could Apple bring to Ping to improve their fledging music-based social network? Of course, we have some suggestions.

And lastly, since it brings iPhone, iPad, and iTunes news all together in one tidy little package, everyone’s favorite online comic, The Oatmeal, sums it all up for us.

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