In Case You Missed It: Aug. 22 – Aug. 28

Of course the big news wasn’t this week; that’d be ridiculous. No, the big news is next week at Apple’s yearly musical event, held this year on Wednesday, September 1st at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Meanwhile, it wasn’t all crickets around here at the Mac|Life, heck no. We even chased down a staffer in a remote controlled helicopter. Of course there’s a video after the jump.



10 Things We Want From iTunes 10 – KILL iTUNES! There we said it. Okay, we don’t really want Apple to kill iTunes, but would it hurt to build it from the ground up and dump all that junk legacy coding? I mean, ten years old? It’s more than time to dump the crud and turn iTunes into a leaner, faster music beast. And that’s just the first of what we want to see.

Apple’s September 1 Music Event: Our Magic Eight-Ball Predictions – So just what is going to happen this coming Wednesday? Well, we tasked our lucky Eight-Ball with finding out those answers, and guess what? It said iPads for everyone! Ha-ha, that Eight-Ball, always such a joker. Here’s what we really think likely.

it's da 8-ball

How To: Create the Ultimate TV & Movie Mac – While we sometimes find analysts from Piper Jaffray to be a little bit phantasmagorical, we’d sure love the super sweet iTV HD as they envision it. At any rate, there are tons of sweet tricks you can run to make your Mac a more than adequate substitute for your existing TV and cable package. We saved the best ones for you.

How To Make Cheap iPhone Ringtones – We get this one all the time, and it seems with each iTunes iteration, Apple makes it a little harder to get that free ringtone goodness you’ve come to love and expect. Well, can you keep a secret? Shhhh, we’ll show you just how it’s done. Don’t tell Steve we told you.


Half-Life 2 Review – Between Second Life and Half-Life, we’ll take the epic, legendary first person shooter game every time. Valve has been doing killer work in getting their games up and running like gangbusters on the Mac platform. While not everything was flawless, there was enough greatness in the visuals, the dialogue, the works to make it well worth your hard-earned dollars.

Parrot AR.Drone Review – Seriously, quite a few of us came of age when video games were two white lines running vertically along the sides of the screen while a white dot bounced back and forth between them. Let’s just say, things have come a long, long, looooooonnnnnngggg way when you can whip out your phone and use it to pilot a quadricopter. Be sure to check out our first flight videos as well as some behind the scenes footage. The acting is Oscar-worthy, but the quadricopter is even better.

As promised, Nic Vargus runs for his life, as Roberto Baldwin hunts him down, iPhone style!


Okay, this is typically where we break out the latest iPhone news, but it’s been kinda quiet on that front lately…China’s Unicom is handing out free bumpers with the iPhone 4 to head that whole antenna issue off…but can users get something for the humidity? because the iPhone certainly doesn’t care for some of Asia’s more tropical climate…and some dude beat some woman in a speed texting throw down….aaannndd that’s it for iPhone news, because where things were really at this week were the apps.

For instance, just when you think you’ve heard the latest nonsense from the App Store, Read It Later’s update got smacked down because someone was concerned about users having to register to use the app. Uh, isn’t that a feature of TONS of apps? And isn’t having a Read It Later account the entire point of a Read It Later app? Yes, yes it is…speaking of App Store rejections, just quietly pour some out on the curb for Google Voice, which continues to sit in official limbo, going on over a year now…if you’re a Google lover, you’re going to adore push notifications for Gmail and your Google Calendar, the latest from Apple’s one-time BFF…but wait there’s more! If you’re rocking the Chrome action, Google’s got a treat for you. Chrome to iPhone sends the page you were just reading, directly to your iPhone (kinda like Read It Later, you know?)…and while it’s not app news, per se, Google also decided to bring VoIP to your Gmail account, to bring even a little more love to your hearts (and, no, i already tried using mobile Gmail and no free phone calls to be had there)…since we’re all about the love, how about Netflix going universal app-style, rocking the streaming video of flicks direct to any of your iDevices? Pretty sweet, no?…some sweetness we’d like to get our hands on? Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox, now available to Android phones in an alpha version…and now to harsh your buzz, there’s the GoodGuide app, which is great for making you into a better, greener citizen, but can kinda freak you out a bit too much with how bad everything is for the environment…and now for the icing on the cake of suck, to kick you while you’re down, with iAds not doing so swell, rumor has it that Apple is considering placing ads in some unfortunate places — like your books on iBooks. Blah!

In other news, you ever notice how hard it is to find a case you really love or a messenger bag that’s to die for? We’re that way about a stand for our iPad; nothing’s quite Baby Bear good enough for us…although we have to admit, if this were a little sexier, we could definitely go for an iPad case that brought this kind of functionality…and with a Bluetooth keyboard and al
l, that case could be a hit in the boardroom where iPads seem to be gaining greater acceptance…you know who else wants an iPad? Mobile workers are seriously jonesin for the device, and no wonder…it’s not a case, but this might be something to consider, since your iPad can’t get hurt inside this sweet little pinball table holder. If only we had landed that job as a pinball wizard…


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